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Nearly all the newspapers mentioned the 50th anniversary of the founding of the EU.

Nearly all the newspapers mentioned the 50th anniversary of the founding of the EU.

AD/Haagsche Courant

Court rules EUR 1.50 an hour is permissible

Working six days a week, eleven hours a day for EUR 450 a month (EUR 1.50 an hour) is not exploitation. The court in Den Bosch recently came to this decision in a case against a restaurant owner suspected of human trafficking.

Ministers on working visit with public

It was announced in the coalition accord and now the time has come. The ministers start a tour of the country to talk to "ordinary people." The cabinet is going on working visits throughout the country under its motto "Working together, living together."

de Volkskrant

"West should send troops to Africa"

General Major Patrick Cammaert, commander of the 15,000 UN troops in Congo for the past two years, is urging the Netherlands and the rest of the West to send troops to Africa, especially special forces and other specialised units.


The Netherlands will have to accept the constitution

The rejected constitutional treaty was designated as the basis for new negotiations during the 50th birthday celebrations for the Europe Union.

Aggression common in psychiatric institutions

Patients in psychiatric institutions often feel unsafe. Violence, intimidation and bullying among patients is very common. Personnel shortages make it difficult to provide adequate supervision.

De Telegraaf

Dutch nobility still at an advantage

Although the nobility no longer rule the roost, they still seem to have an advantage. A survey of more than 960 members of the Dutch nobility shows that although many are not in the leading social circles, they fare better than average when it comes to wealth, work and a home.

Government to pay out claims

Victims of a violent crime or sex offence will no longer have to recover the damages from the perpetrator. The government will advance the damages awarded. Justice Minister Ernst Hirsch Ballin announced this amendment to the law in a letter to Parliament today.

Het Financieele Dagblad

Belgians set sights on pension funds in Netherlands

The Belgian government is trying to attract Dutch and other European pension funds to Belgium by setting low solubility requirements. The Nederlandsche Bank is urging that the requirements be harmonised throughout the EU quickly.

Unions take government to court

Trade union confederation FNV is working with the Stibbe law firm to prepare a trial case against the state. The trade unions want the premium that workers contribute to the work resumption scheme for partially incapacitated workers (WGA) to be tax deductible. The WGA is one of the main components of the new worker incapacity system set up by the law on work and income in accordance to occupational capacity (WIA).

Proceeds to scientists

Some scientific discoveries are worth a lot of money. Education, Culture and Science Minister Ronald Plasterk wants scientists themselves to get part of the proceeds, as is the case in the US.

Nederlands Dagblad

SP's only chance in Friesland and Utrecht

The Socialist Party SP will not serve in the provincial government of Noord-Brabant. Faction leader in the Provincial States Nico Heijmans said this on Saturday. Despite the fact that the party was the big winner in the provincial elections, it is having trouble forming coalitions with the other parties on the provincial level.

De Pers

French girl on mushrooms commits suicide

A French couple from Saint-Malo are demanding clarification from the police about the death of their daughter Gaelle Caroff. The 17-year-old student committed suicide just over a week ago by jumping off the bridge near the Nemo science museum in the Amsterdam IJ tunnel. The student was found to be under the influence of hallucinatory mushrooms.

"The Netherlands helped the US before and during the Iraq invasion"

There is increasing call in the Netherlands for a thorough investigation into the Dutch participation in the war in Iraq. After the broadcast of KRO programme Reporter on Sunday Green-left GroenLinks wants a parliamentary inquiry to clarify the decision-making surrounding Iraq.

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