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AD, Justice wants to use DNA tests sooner


Justice wants to use DNA tests sooner

The justice department want to use DNA tests sooner to save valuable time. This means that citizens will be approached for DNA samples sooner than is now the case in the event that a serious crime is committed in their area.

At least 11 million for ABN Amro CEO

ABN Amro CEO Rijkman Groenink stands to gain many millions of euro from the takeover by Barclays. His options and shares now have a value of between EUR 11 and 18 million.

Het Financieele Dagblad

ABN Amro puts damper on consortium's plans

ABN Amro is entering a merger with Barclays in such a way that makes a counter-offer from Fortis, RBS and Santander less likely. The trio is asking for clarification. The Dutch Investors' Association (VEB) is threatening to take the matter to court.

Nederlands Dagblad

Investigation into primary education

A parliamentary inquiry must be conducted into the poor quality of primary education in the Netherlands. Education experts say this is necessary after a recent study showed that primary school students are not performing well. The Labour party PvdA in Parliament also supports an inquiry.

De Pers

The "deal of the year" is far from closed

ABN Amro CEO Rijkman Groenink will have to appease shareholders if he is to get permission to follow through on the proposed merger with British bank Barclays. Despite the enthusiasm of the two top directors of the banks, "the shareholders are the ones that decide in the end," points out analyst Gert Jaap Kraan of commercial bank Theodor Gilissen.

11-year-old behind radical site

An 11-year-old Amsterdam boy was the founder of a radical Islamic website. The boy, who is attending his last year of primary school at the Huizingaschool, a public school in Slotervaart, set up the site with the help of his fundamentalist uncles from Morocco.

De Telegraaf

Takeover to cost thousands of jobs

The new banking combination will be called Barclays, but ABN Amro will most likely continue on as the brand name and sponsor for Ajax and annual tennis tournament. Barclays made an official takeover bid on ABN Amro on Monday, valuing the bank at EUR 67 billion. The merger of the two banks will lead to 12,800 jobs being scrapped in the coming years and 10,800 being moved to low wage countries.

Enormous support for royals

A majority of the Dutch (84.3 percent) is positive about the performance of the family of Orange and thinks the royal institution is important to the country (77.1 percent). This emerged from a survey this week by weekly magazine HP/De Tijd.


107,200 children abused

Children suffer abuse and neglect on a larger scale than was hitherto assumed. This emerged from a study by the University of Leiden. A total of 107,200 children were abused in the Netherlands in 2005. That is approximately 30 children in every thousand.

CU wants to ban denial of genocide

Despite opposition from coalition partner Labour party PvdA and the Council of State, the ChristenUnie still wants to make denying genocide a criminal offence. During a ceremony in Assen today to remember the Armenian victims of genocide by Turkey, CU MP Joël Voordewind will announce his party's plans for proposed legislation to this end.

De Volkskrant

Insurance doesn't pay for prosthesis

Torture in an Iraqi prison cell cost him his arm. Amjed Mahmoud then got a prosthesis. But after eight months of getting used to an electric arm he received a letter from manufacturer Livit Orthopaedics asking him to return the prosthesis, its two batteries, and a recharging device because his Dutch insurance company did not pay the company.

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