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AD, Tax office helps municipalities


Tax office helps municipalities

The national tax office and municipalities are co-operating in a crackdown on tax debts. Rotterdam residents who do not pay their municipal debts will lose part of their tax refund to be paid by the national tax office.

Daughter of Henk van D. Angry at police

Nicole, 19, the daughter of Henk van D., is angry at the Groningen police and Assen public prosecution office. Nicole feels like she has been made out to be a liar now that police and prosecution officials deny that she, her mother and a girlfriend have lodged repeated complaints of threats, abuse and sexual assault against Van D. in recent decades. Van D. is accused of murdering school girl Suzanne Wisman, 12.

De Volkskrant

Billions of euros for poor city districts

The 21 large housing corporations in the Netherlands that are associated in the organisation Vernieuwde Stad (Modernised City), plan to double their investment in poorer city districts. Up until 2020, the corporations — which supply social housing — will invest EUR 2.5 billion on an annual basis to renovate old city districts in Randstad cities. The corporations will use the money to renovate, demolish and construct new buildings.


Knowledge worker not welcome

Eindhoven is failing to become a top economic and innovative region. The Netherlands' strict immigration policy is hindering the entry of knowledge workers. The poor accessibility of the area is also causing problems.

Nederlands Dagblad

Borderline of assisted suicides 'stretched'

Suicide consultant Ton Vink was given the benefit of the doubt by a court judge on Monday. Consequently, the borderline of assisted suicides is being stretched, criminal law academic Evert Stamhuis claims. Vink, 53, faced a demand of eight months jail, of which five months were suspended, but Amsterdam Court acquitted him. The court said the euthanasia initiative came from the 54-year-old Amsterdam woman that Vink allegedly helped to commit suicide in June 2004.

Budget shortfall in schools

The Education Ministry is facing a budgetary setback, which could amount to EUR 690 million in 2011. The extra funding is needed to ensure sufficient classes for the rising number of students in Dutch schools.

Het Financieele Dagblad

Philips: takeovers will increase

Philips plans to build the tempo of its takeover plans. "In recent months we freed up more labour to identify potential takeover candidates. That has yielded a large pipeline," chief executive Gerard Kleisterlee said.

De Telegraaf

Al-Qaeda targets internet websites

Al-Qaeda has hacked Dutch websites to spread Jihad messages. The terror network has passwords for the networks of the Universiteit Twente and the Landelijk Antidiscriminatie Bureau.

Optimism declines in formation talks

The enthusiasm in the coalition formation talks between the CDA, PvdA and ChristenUnie has sharply declined now that contentious policy issues have to be decided. The parties are still determined to form a coalition government, but sources have said there has been little progress in recent talks.

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