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Trouw, Television should become more multicultural


Television should become more multicultural

The public broadcasters have set targets for dozens of TV programmes stating the number of multicultural subjects and immigrant studio guests and presenters that must appear in their line-up.

De Volkskrant

Dutch firms raising the drawbridge again

Who is the boss in a company? The board or the investor? The influence of the investor is starting to decline. Industrial firm Stork set up protective wall on Wednesday against foreign hedge funds, Centaurus and Paulson. Is the Dutch business sector again an assailable fortress?

Parliament wants greater focus on investment insurance

The Lower House of Parliament is placing Finance Minister Gerrit Zalm under greater pressure to find a solution to the problems around investment insurance schemes.


De Mol looks for an escape

Media tycoon John de Mol is searching for an elegant solution to his poor-performing television broadcaster Talpa, which was renamed Tien this week. He is trying to buy a stake in the international activities of SBS.

De Telegraaf

Thousands send Christmas wish to Uruzgan

Readers of De Telegraaf, parents, partners, children and friends of Dutch soldiers in Afghanistan have sent en masse a Christmas wish to the nation's troops on the first day of the 'Christmas greeting for Uruzgan (Kerstgroet voor Oeroezgan).

Greater dangers on motorway

The poor state of car tyres plays a main role in the rising number of accidents on Dutch motorways, an analysis from the Insurer's Assistance Service (VHD) has revealed. The VHD is the alarm centre for the insurance sector.

Het Financieele Dagblad

Investor must reveal intention

Large shareholders should make public their intentions about what they plan to do with their stake in a company. Currently, shareholders must make their intentions known if they hold a 5 percent stake, but this should be reduced to 3 percent, Economic Affairs Minister Joop Wijn said.

Breevast back on top in real estate sector

With the completion on Wednesday night of the sale of 99 offices, real estate fund Breevast became the biggest investor in office buildings in the Netherlands. Breevast bought the buildings together with US insurer American International Group (AIG) from the German MPC Capital.

Nederlands Dagblad

Wijffels plans for 6 weeks

Informateur Herman Wijffels wants to "create tempo" in the coalition cabinet talks between the Christian Democrat CDA, Labour PvdA and ChristenUnie. He hopes to have constructed a basis for a new government "four to six weeks after 1 January".

GPs 'breach pain control laws'

Family doctors in the Netherlands are breaching international guidelines for medication in the final stage of life on a large scale. When using strong pain killers, a laxative should also be prescribed, but 48 percent of patients do not receive such a prescription, academic Sander Borgsteede said. Constipation for people in their final stage of life is a serious complication.

Dagblad De Limburger

MP 'beat up pregnant wife'

An MP for the Freedom Party PVV, Dion Graus, physically abused his eight-month pregnant wife in 2002 to the extent that she was admitted to hospital, it has been claimed. The PVV party is led by Geert Wilders.

Youths don't give

Youth radio broadcaster 3FM accrued EUR 60,000 for charity in one day this week. Is that a lot? Churches collect EUR 6 million a day from their (generally) much older affiliates.

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