Morning newspapers - 20 November 2006

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De Telegraaf, 120kmh on the ring road

De Telegraaf

120kmh on the ring road

From next year onwards, motorists will be able to drive quicker on certain motorways when the roads are less busy. Transport Minister Karla Peijs is set to experiment with 120kmh speed limits at night on ring-roads where only 100kmh is allowed during the day. At the same time, maximum speed limits on certain motorways will be reduced in times of bad weather or busy traffic conditions.

Left-wing 'sullies military's name'

The ease with which the left-wing opposition parties in the Lower House of Parliament condemn the actions of "its" soldiers based on newspaper reports has angered the Netherlands' highest-ranking soldier, four-star General Dick Berlijn.

Het Financieele Dagblad

Doubts over transparency of Alternext

The monitoring commission has raised questions about the Tabaksblat Code exemption granted to securities to be traded on the new start-up exchange Alternext. The subsidiary of Euronext will start operations this week. The Tabaksblat Code works to protect investors.


Fear for Muslim anger over burka ban

The Netherlands should seriously take into account the possibility of angry reactions from Islamic nations in response to the decision to ban the wearing of the burka. Violent protests cannot be ruled out, an internal memo from the Foreign Affairs Ministry warns.

De Volkskrant

No Iraq debate before elections

The three largest parties in the Parliament, Christian Democrat CDA, Liberal VVD and Labour PvdA want to postpone the debate about alleged abuse of Iraqis by Dutch soldiers until after the national elections. They want to prevent parties winning votes over the affair, which has placed VVD Defence Minister Henk Kamp under extreme pressure.

EUR 10m for 'porn filter'

Christian Democrat CDA MP Mirjam Sterk wants to invest EUR 10 million into the filter programme designed for the internet by Christian public broadcaster EO. "Internet is tremendous," Sterk writes on her blog, "but it also has its darker side. There is so much mud to find. If your child sits at the computer you don't always see what happens."

Nederlands Dagblad

De Geus: work is the solution to poverty

A paid job has been and still is the best way to ward off poverty, Social Affairs Minister Aart Jan de Geus said in reaction to the study 'Poverty in the Netherlands' by the Protestant Church in the Netherlands (PKN). The report warns for worsening poverty in the Netherlands.

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