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AD, Passes for people with autism


Passes for people with autism

Ten thousand people with autism who are afraid to leave the house will be given a special pass to prevent them having problems on the street. Autistic people may panic when in difficult situations, and their erratic behaviour may lead to contact with police. They are rarely able to explain their condition under such conditions.

No more money to "irresponsible" businesses

Large pension funds ABP and PGGM have announced that they are going to make fewer "irresponsible" investments. They will be checking better to make sure that the shares they buy are not in companies involved in child labour, arms production or serious environmental pollution.

Nederlands Dagblad

Parliament plans "regional hearings" on EU

It has been almost two years since the Dutch rejection of the European constitution and Parliament wants to ask the Dutch once again what they think should be done to reform the EU. Not via a new referendum, but in a series of hearings throughout the country.

Elderly paying too much tax

Elderly people who own an apartment in an assisted living facility pay hundreds of euro too much in tax because the property tax is calculated as three times the sale price of the home.

Dagblad De Pers

ABP comes round

The pension fund ABP will provide full disclosure of its shares portfolio for 2006 at the presentation of the annual figures on 10 April. The decision comes just a day after a Zembla broadcast which showed that large pension funds like ABP and PGGM sometimes invest in companies that are involved in shady business, producing cluster bombs and using child labour, for instance.

Lucrative side jobs

Jules Kortenhorst has managed to secure the best side job amongst his fellow MPS. The 46-year-old CDA member earns EUR 62,000 a year in addition to his salary of EUR 86,000 for serving as MP. This emerged from information requested by De Pers.

Dagblad de Limburger

Church does less for free

A growing number of Limburg parishes are asking a contribution from parents when children celebrate their first communion. Contributions are being asked for an increasing number of other church ceremonies as well.

"Wilders' statements are punishable by law"

Geert Wilders' warning of a "tidal wave of Islamisation" is a punishable offence, says the National Bureau against Racial (LBR), after extensive research.

De Telegraaf

Arnhem police acquitted

The police in Arnhem was wrongfully dragged through the mud by the city's own mayor, prominent Liberal VVD member Pauline Krikke. The force was accused of serious corruption, real estate fraud, and abuse of power with regard to personnel, all without a shred of evidence.  A damning "independent report" from the past on abuses at the Arnhem police turned out to be a botched job.

New evidence against Louwes

New evidence in the Deventer murder case seems to show that tax adviser Ernest Louwes was in fact the one who killed 66-year-old widow Jaqueline Wittenberg.

De Volkskrant

"Rutte and Kamp should leave Parliament"

Agnes van Ardenne, former Christian democrat CDA minister for development cooperation, says that Liberal VVD members Rutte and Kamp should leave Parliament because they joined Freedom Party PVV leader Geert Wilders in casting doubt on the loyalty of Labour PvdA politicians Albayrak, Aboutaleb and Arib. This is directly at odds with the liberal philosophy, she told the Volkskrant today. "Rutte and Kamp are desecrating the democratic constitutional state."

Politician "scammed" investors

Recently sworn in Member of the European Parliament for the Christian Democrats CDA Joop Post used money from investors that was intended for a spa in southern Spain to invest in projects involving a cruise ship and widescreen television. The investors were not told and feel they have been "scammed."


"Pharmacists shouldn't profit from wholesale purchase"

Pharmacists will be receiving up to EUR 850 million in discounts and bonuses from buying in medicines.

Quick divorce procedure to be scrapped

Parliament will discuss a new divorce procedure this week. The quick divorce procedure will be scrapped. People with underage children will be required to draw up a parenting plan before being granted a divorce.

Het Financieele Dagblad

ABN Amro talks only with Barclays

ABN Amro and Barclays Bank are holding "exclusive introductory talks" about a merger. Both banks announced this on Monday. The talks have been taking place for several weeks.

Deloitte wants a more relaxed secrecy requirement

It should be possible to release external accountants from a duty to observe secrecy in cases where this would be in the best interest of society. Managing partner Roger Dassen of accounting office Deloitte said this in an interview with the Financieele Dagblad. Dassen referred in this context to the Ahold fraud involving millions in which Deloitte acted as the auditing accountant.

NRC Next

Sweden isn't perfect either

The situation may not be quite so bad as in the French banlieues, but Sweden has ghettos too. Immigrant youth have been throwing stones at buses.

The Netherlands opposed to EU "super-state"

The Dutch government wants an EU in which the member states of the EU clearly have "political primacy." It does not want the EU to become more of an autonomous organisation (a "super-state").


Children unprotected on internet

Children who visit chat sites on the internet are not protected against sexual predators. This emerged from a study conducted by Metro last week.

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