Morning newspapers – 20 April 2007

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Telegraaf, Investors see little returns


Investors see little returns

Private investors who buy and sell shares on the internet have not fared all that well. Particularly men – specifically those who trade in options and such – have seen hardly any returns since the beginning of this century.

"Harriet would have forgiven him"

Harry Wiersinga, the transvestite who died this week after being fatally struck by a passer-by at the end of last month, would have forgiven his assailant long ago, says George Dom, colleague and close friend of the deceased Voorburg resident.


Hirsch Ballin: all officers should have access to databases

All officers should be provided with a handheld device which allows them direct access to all police databases, says Justice Minister Ernst Hirsch Ballin (Christian democrat CDA) in an interview with the AD this morning.

"Bike prices too high for years"

Following on the catering industry's claims against beer manufacturers for keeping prices artificially high, the Consumers' Union is preparing action against bicycle manufacturers Gazelle, Batavus en Giant.


GGD considers genital checks

Area health authority GGD Nederland is going to look into whether mandatory genital check-ups for children could lead to fewer cases of female circumcision.

Pharmaceutical tourists

Busloads of Belgians come to the southern part of the Netherlands to buy painkillers because they are nine times cheaper here than in Belgium.

de Volkskrant

CDA successful in holding on to positions

The Christian democrat CDA has been much more successful than other parties in holding on to mayorships over the past year. The Labour party PvdA in particular has lost a lot of these city leadership positions,

Cabinet forgets to fund national museum

Politicians decided last year that a National Historical Centre would be established, but unfortunately the cabinet forgot to set money aside for this in the coalition agreement.

Nederlands Dagblad

Waiting list for special care "gone by summer"

Starting this summer people in need of special care won't have to wait so long for a referral letter for AWBZ care. The waiting lists should be worked away by 1 July.

"Officials may refuse to marry same-sex couples"

Officials who object to performing same-sex marriages may refuse to do so, says the National Anti-discrimination Bureau.

Financieele Dagblad

Brussels gives DNB a second warning

Brussels is giving the Nederlandsche Bank a slap on the wrist for the second time for meddling in the takeover battle for ABN Amro. The central bank is being accused of showing a preference for a merger with Barclays.

Metal sector opts for robots

The Dutch metal industry is trying to prevent an exodus of production activities to low wage countries by introducing robots that require little manpower. "These ultra-modern machines cost the same everywhere. It doesn't matter where you use them," says Richard Schuitema of the Royal Metal Union.

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