Morning newspapers – 2 March 2007

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Nearly all the papers had a report on the debate on the government policy statement on the front page.

Nearly all the papers had a report on the debate on the government policy statement on the front page.

De Telegraaf

Banks getting greener

Fortis and Rabobank are going to encourage environmental awareness. Loans for energy efficient homes or cars will soon be cheaper than borrowing for non-energy efficient purchases.

"Historical breakthrough"

Harry Jansman (45) from Wierden in Twente listened to the verdict in his court case with both sadness and joy. The victim of asbestos poisoning won the important case, but the prospects for his health are not looking good. "Nevertheless I am first of all glad because this verdict is unbelievably important for future patients."

Limburgs Dagblad

Colt to stay in Born

The future of the NedCar automobile assembly plant in Born is secure once again for the next few years. Japanese car manufacturer Mitsubishi has decided to invest several tens of millions of euro in updating the Colt model being produced in Born. Production of this model will subsequently continue two years longer than planned, until 2010.

Kessel resident steals from church

A volunteer member of the church leadership in Kessel has pinched at least 350,000 in church money over the past years.

De Volkskrant

Dozens of soldiers are Hell's Angels

The ministry of defence is trying to convince dozens of soldiers to end their membership in the controversial Hell's Angels motorcycle club.

Dagblad De Pers

Explicit rapper not welcome at police

The Amsterdam police is using hip-hop ads to attract the youth, but "that culture does not represent our standards and values," said spokesperson Remco Gerretsen. And the invitation to Appa, a rapper from the capital, "was the result of a misunderstanding."

Het Financieele Dagblad

Dexia must repay lease money

Dexia must pay back share lease clients their entire investment in the product and forgive the remaining debt. The court in Amsterdam decided this on Thursday. This decision goes further than the Duisenberg settlement reached earlier.

Port workers' strike could last some time

A strike at Smit International, which operates 70 of the towing services in Rotterdam port, is in danger of turning into a long term disruption of the delivery and conveyance of goods.

NRC Next 

They deserve that 14 million

Top directors are not given their high salaries because they improve performance at their companies, but – it seems – because they have the power to demand these salaries. This is the conclusion professor Piet Duffhues of the University of Tilburg reached after conducting a study which he will publish in the US this summer. "And top directors are few and far between."


Beauty ideals damaging to women

Women who feel they have been emotionally damaged as a result of advertisement by the cosmetic industry will soon be able to file a report. There is a chance that manufacturers could be taken to court.

Beatrix: EU and Turkey growing closer together

Her trip to Turkey has left Queen Beatrix with a remarkably positive impression. In many regards the gap between the EU and Turkey is much narrower than is often thought.


Valuable stolen statue gotten cheap

A second-hand store in Den Helder has acquired a valuable statue for a pittance by accident. The statue, The Golfer, by Jits Bakker from De Bilt, was dropped off at the shop last week in a box.

Eneco gives out free energy-efficient bulbs

Eneco will be giving out 30,000 free energy-saving light bulbs. Customers of the energy company can order these starting today. Eneco came to a deal with Philips for the campaign. The two companies want to contribute to energy saving in the Netherlands.

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