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De Volkskrant, Cabinet tour scrutinised

De Volkskrant

Cabinet tour scrutinised

The cabinet must clarify the organisation of all events during its 100-day tour throughout the country. The Liberal VVD has demanded this now that it has emerged that both Development Cooperation Minister Bert Koenders and Youth and Family Affairs Minister Andre Rouvoet have violated European tendering regulations in organising events.

Largest peacekeeping force headed for Darfur

With 19,555 soldiers, 2,500 police officers and 4,000 civilians, Unamid, the peacekeeping force headed for Darfur, is the largest UN peacekeeping operation in the world. It will be cooperating with the African Union and "predominantly African" in character.


More and more illegal adoptions

Couples will increasingly resort to illegal practices in their search for an adoptive child abroad, say Dutch adoption organisations. The long waiting times and high costs of a procedure will push prospective parents to look for alternatives.


Special needs transport far below standard

Municipalities, insurance companies and clients complain about the transport companies that offer service to the elderly, ill and disabled. Many contracts have already been cancelled.

Large experiment with mobile payments

A thousand Rotterdam residents will soon be able to pay using a mobile phone. If the trial is a success the whole country will be able to do so.

De Pers

Youth adept at avoiding harassment online

The number of reports of sexual harassment on the internet has been rising for years. Some young people are vulnerable and naïve, but the large majority could teach adults a thing or two.

Nederlands Dagblad

Home care workers fired en masse

While home care institutions, municipalities and trade unions talk about how to stop waves of dismissals in home care, hundreds of workers are being fired.

Taliban embraces al Qaeda methods

The Taliban has been using increasingly aggressive tactics, like abductions and suicide attacks. These methods have been copied directly from the worldwide jihad led by al Qaeda.

De Telegraaf

Fraud with used car appraisals

Quite a bit of tax fraud is taking place behind the scenes of the explosive increase in the import of used cars. The magnitude of the fraud is still unclear.

Panic on the Python

A number of Efteling visitors narrowly escaped death when their rollercoaster got stuck at the highest point of its track. While park workers helped evacuate passengers at a height of 29 metres the coaster started moving forward again suddenly.

Het Financieele Dagblad

EU eases entry requirements for knowledge migrants

The European Commission is working to make the admission policy for highly skilled migrants considerably easier. The measures aim to make it easier for them to shop around for jobs in the EU.

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