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De Telegraaf, Animal activists target investors

De Telegraaf

Animal activists target investors

It has emerged that senior management of Van der Moolen stockbrokers, listed on the Amsterdam and New York stock exchanges, has been the target of radical actions by extremist group the British Animal Liberation Front (ALF) for several weeks.

British Bank comes to the rescue of ABN Amro

British bank Barclays has come to the rescue of ABN Amro with its merger proposal. Activist shareholders have been pressuring ABN Amro for several weeks.

De Volkskrant

Authorities lose track of rejected child asylum seekers

Rejected unaccompanied minor asylum seekers are not ending up in the (partially) Dutch financed orphanages in Angola and Congo. The Netherlands has been donating money for years to "provide adequate care" so that asylum seeking children can be rejected more easily.

Accusations surround funeral

In the conflict surrounding the funeral of a 32-year-old police officer, the mayor of Vlaardingen Tjerk Bruinsma has not remained impartial. The Moroccan family of the officer has accused the mayor of taking a side.

Limburgs Dagblad

"Ministry slow to take action against Islamic schools"

The ministry of education and science initially refused to file a report against the administration suspected of fraud at the Islamic primary schools in Roermond and Helmond.

A senior official of the ministry also tried to keep the report from the education inspectorate on the school administration's trickery with funds under wraps for weeks.

De Pers

Stormy weather for ABN Amro

The future of ABN Amro continues to be uncertain. The bank is not only under fire from hedge fund TCI, but has also been approached by British bank Barclays with an ambitious merger plan.

Teeuwen performs at unveiling of Van Gogh memorial

The unveiling of The Scream drew a crowd to the Amsterdam Oosterpark. Mayor Job Cohen held a speech, but cabaret artist Hans Teeuwen – a good friend of Theo van Gogh's – was in the spotlight with his performance.


Taxi drivers stealing each other's business

Taxi drivers of the Amsterdam Taxi Central (TCA) are stealing business from each other by taking customers to which other drivers are entitled. TCA director Vos told Metro this. "We're talking about several dozen taxi drivers that are going behind other drivers' backs. It is outright theft."

America buys remake of Van Gogh's Interview

American distributor Sony Pictures Classics has bought the American rights to Interview, the English language remake made by Steve Buscemi of Theo van Gogh's film of the same name. The film will be screened in cinemas across the US starting in July.


SBS in the race for Tien

The battle for suffering television broadcaster Tien and radio 538 has begun. Not only RTL but also SBS has expressed interest in taking over John de Mol's media companies.

Ten thousand "weapons" at courts

Courthouses intercepted more than 27,000 weapons and prohibited items last year. This emerged from information that the AD requested from all 25 tribunals in the Netherlands. Most of the items intercepted were pocket knives, screwdrivers and nail files.

Het Financieele Dagblad

Brits Barclays wants merger with ABN Amro

British bank Barclays has approached ABN Amro with a proposal to take over the Dutch bank. This will help ABN Amro keep its activist shareholders at bay.

ABN Amro offensive on the mortgage market

ABN Amro will start a large offensive on the mortgage market to increase its market share by 50 percent. This will put even further pressure on margins in the already competitive mortgage market under pressure.


Little public comment on situation in Iraq

Pictures from the bomb attacks in Iraq are in the media daily.  "But people rather look the other way," the newspaper reports.

Fear for anti-Semitism at Eurovision song contest

The Palestinians want to take part in the Eurovision song contest next year. The Centre for Information and Documentation on Israel fears however that the Palestinian contribution will be anti-Semitic.

Nederlands Dagblad

Stricter checks on cash

Traffic police of the National Police Corps (KLPD) are coming across increasingly large sums of cash carried by motorists. Some of the officers are now undergoing training to quickly identify whether the money is suspect.

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