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AD, Randstad in chaos?


Randstad in chaos?

Cooperation among the Randstad provinces (northwestern part of the country including the Netherlands' four main cities) is failing. Instead, there is argument and competition. This could get in the way of maintaining a smoothly running transport system and resolve the existing problems with trains and buses.

Antelopes from Rotterdam easy prey

Leopards won't contribute to a project in South Africa. Three of the four antelopes with "Rotterdam blood" released in the South-African wilderness in June have already been eaten by predators.


The day Willem Holleeder lost his attorney

Attorney Bram Moszkowicz will most probably announce today that he is quitting as  Holleeder's defence lawyer. Moszkowicz fled abroad on Friday night with the assistance of the office of the National Coordinator for Anti-terrorism for reasons still unclear.

Separate primary schools for gifted children

At least two primary schools for highly gifted students will open in the coming school year. According to the organisers, many parents want education tailored to gifted children.

De Volkskrant

From Máxima to Jordi Cruijff

Allowing for dual nationality may facilitate the integration process, then Minister of Justice Ernst Hirsch Ballin said in 1991. Hirsch Ballin will be appointed minister of justice in the new government again. Rita Verdonk, responsible for integration under the current government, wants to have dual nationality banned.

Vengeful murder

Businessman and former football club president Nedim Imac was shot dead in Amsterdam on Saturday. The police suppose it was revenge coming from the criminal circles.

My colleague is in India

Dutch companies in the ICT sector have whole departments located in India. Indian colleagues are often smarter and more disciplined.

Search engine recognises melody

A search engine that recognises musical tunes and compares them with the musical files on the internet has been developed in Utrecht.  You can simply sit in front of your computer, whistle a tune and get a list with search results linking to musical pieces.

Nederlands Dagblad

Bos: No changes to gay marriage law

Labour Party (PvdA) leader Wouter Bos said he is not going to cooperate on any legal instruments allowing municipal officials to refuse to marry gay couples. He complained that this paragraph in the coalition accord has put him in an awkward position. ChristenUnie faction leader Arie Slob says the matter has been "blown out of proportion".

Political debate is often propaganda

Minister of Agriculture Cees Veerman is leaving after five years in office. He says he has had a close bond with his department, but not with politics as such. "I used to think that political discussion would concern real facts, but it often turned out to be simple propaganda."

De Telegraaf

Campaign against the middle finger

Safe Transport Holland (VVN) is launching a national campaign to teach young people how to behave using public transport. The VVN are especially concerned about the fact that many young people give the finger to the transport personnel.

Eyes do mirror the soul

Your eyes really do reveal who you are. It has long been said that one's true personality is revealed deep in the eyes; now scientists have proved the same: the iris contains important information about the personality.

Het Financieele Dagblad

Peijs: No hasty traffic reform

Outgoing Transport Minister Karla Peijs warned that a hasty introduction of road pricing (charging commuters for road use) may only lead to more traffic congestion. Road pricing was originally planned for 2012, the new coalition accord proposes introducing it earlier.

Lending shares must be done differently

The European Commission is taking steps against empty voting. Empty voting involves lending shares to anonymous parties such as hedge funds, and thus allowing them to form (anonymous) power blocs.

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