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De Telegraaf, Only Halal for Red Cross Christmas dinner

De Telegraaf

Only Halal for Red Cross Christmas dinner

Residents of the Diamantbuurt in Amsterdam are furious at the organisers of a Red Cross Christmas dinner where only Halal food is being served.


Government 'must give meaning'

The Netherlands needs a "social bond" and the government must become more involved in giving meaning to society, the Academic Council for Government Policy (WRR) concluded in its report 'Believing in the public domain'.

Light pollution: reading the newspaper at night in the garden

Environment groups will choose on Thursday the most unpleasantly lit-up place in the Netherlands in a bid to raise awareness of night-time light pollution caused by, for example, hothouses, construction sites, office buildings or advertising.

De Volkskrant

65-year-olds to become the wealthiest

People aged 65 or older will in 2010 become richer on average than younger generations for the first time ever. The biggest causes are the growth in wealth from housing prices and a large increase in the build up of supplementary pensions.

More bodies left for science

More and more people are indicating they want their bodies to be donated to medical science after their death. The amount of available bodies has tripled at the AMC in Amsterdam since 2000.

Cleaner flying is possible

The trade in CO2 emissions from planes could lead to cleaner air. The European Commission will unveil such a proposal on Wednesday.

Nederlands Dagblad

Exercise must become essential ingredient

The traditional five principal ingredients of a proper diet (protein, carbohydrate, fat, vitamins and minerals) should instead include six ingredients. The sixth part should stand for more exercise, Health Minister Hans Hogervoorst said on Monday in response to a new healthy eating guideline from the Health Council.

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