Morning newspapers - 18 December 2006

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Nearly all of the morning newspapers headlined with the escalating violence between the Palestinians in Gaza.

Nearly all of the morning newspapers headlined with the escalating violence between the Palestinians in Gaza.


Tax office grabs hold of amateur clubs

Clubs in the highest division of amateur football have avoided tax en masse in recent years. In a few cases, clubs intentionally avoided tax, while others were guilty of "sloppy administration".

Resistance against 'car plan' in The Hague

It will become impossible from 2009 to cross through The Hague city centre with a car. The Hague wants to make the city centre a 'car protected' zone and will introduce a traffic circulation plan. The centre will be divided in three sections, which will be sealed off from each other. But the plans are meeting with heavy resistance.


Homecare advising expensive aid

Homecare institutes are selling expensive forms of healthcare to their clients to maintain market share. This is leading to higher than estimated costs for the exceptional healthcare insurance scheme AWBZ, the AWBZ co-ordinator with branch association, Zorgverzekeraars Nederland, Jan Coolen said.

Het Financieele Dagblad

KPN battles IT firms over workplace

KPN will manage all internet connections, telecoms and computer equipment, software and networks of temping agency Olympia Uitzendbureau. The move signals an attack from KPN against IT firms such as Getronics. The KPN-Olympia deal was to be announced on Monday. Olympia is KPN's first major client in what is a relatively new market for the Dutch telecoms firm.

Billion for Erasmus MC building project

The Erasmus Medisch Centrum will sign a loan on Monday totalling almost EUR 1 billion with the Bank Nederlandse Gemeente (BNG). The loan will finance the largest ever renovation scheme in the healthcare sector.

Limburgs Dagblad

OM involves mosque in fire investigation

As the public prosecution office (OM) seeks to identify the suspects in an arson attack against the multicultural centre Tevhid in Maastricht-West on Friday morning, the OM is also investigating whether there is any link to the aactivities in a Turkish mosque located next door.

Nederlands Dagblad

Rover wants quick action over NS timetable problems

Rover, the group which represents the interests of public transport commuters, wants swift action to be taken to resolve the problems with the new timetable introduced by Dutch rail NS. In the first week of the new timetable, Rover received 2,000 complaints.

De Telegraaf

Cheap rental flats in Costa

Dutch construction firm VolkerWessels has advanced plans to build a mix of affordable purchase and rental homes for Dutch nationals on the Costa Blanca in Spain. VolkerWessels hopes to meet the wishes of an increasing number of people wanting to move to Spain permanently.

Christmas bonus in own pocket

Even during the festive season, it seems workers are rarely inclined to charity. Charity groups are asking in van for workers to donate their Christmas bonuses to charity.

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