Morning newspapers – 16 July 2007

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AD, Police concerned about mushrooms


Police concerned about mushrooms

The Amsterdam police are very concerned about the use of hallucinogenic mushrooms in the capital. Last weekend there were two incidents involving people who had taken the substance.

Disappointing weather for beach goers

Many beach pavilion owners had a disappointing weekend. Instead of the expected flood of beach goers many businesses saw only showers.

de Volkskrant

Commotion over Vogelaar's view on Islam

Labour PvdA Minister of Integration Ella Vogelaar caused commotion this weekend with an interview she gave in Trouw on Saturday. She said that the problem of Muslim fundamentalism was being blown out of proportion and predicted that the Netherlands will one day be a country with a "Judaeo-Christian Islamic tradition."

Hundreds arrested at dance festivals

Police arrested a total of 350 people at dance festivals Dance Valley and Black this weekend. Most of the arrests were for false entrance tickets and the use and distribution of drugs.


Right wing lashes out at Vogelaar

The statements Integration Minister Ella Vogelaar made in Trouw on Saturday were not at all well received by Freedom party PVV leader Geert Wilders and Liberal VVD leader Mark Rutte. They say her comments are "dangerous" and accuse her of irresponsible cultural relativism.

Nederlands Dagblad

"Hundreds of classes without teachers"

Secondary school directors are too lax in recruiting new teachers. As a result hundreds of classes will be without teachers.

De Telegraaf

Lightning bolts to become more frequent

Severe lightning bolts will be more common in the years to come, say experts at meteorological institute KNMI and the weather and climatology association.

MPs meet with Syrian president

A delegation from Parliament had a long meeting with Syrian president Bashar al-Assad in Damascus on Sunday. The MPs spent almost two hours with Assad.

Het Financieele Dagblad

ABN Amro assesses own independence

In the weeks leading up to the Supreme Court ruling ABN Amro hired in an external adviser to investigate whether the bank can continue independently.

Hospitals divided on Klink's plan

Hospitals have doubts about Public Health Minister Ab Klink's plan to introduce a new legal form for healthcare institutions. The so-called social company does not give hospitals enough opportunities to pass profits on to investors.

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