Morning newspapers – 16 April 2007

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Many of the morning papers reported on the Rotterdam marathon.

Many of the morning papers reported on the Rotterdam marathon.


Stay-away order trial a success

The trial involving a restraining order for suspects and perpetrators of domestic violence went smoothly. All the men asked to leave their homes for at least 10 days agreed to the stay-away order.

Minister keeps a cool head

Defence Minister Eimert van Middelkoop doesn't think there is any reason to "panic" as long as there is no hard evidence of other shootings in Iraq involving Dutch troops.

Prominent PvdA member attacks ChristenUnie

Prominent Labour PvdA MP Paul Kalma from Amersfoort warned coalition partner ChristenUnie this weekend that problems like the party's objections to a poster of a woman in a bikini in Utrecht and municipal officials refusing to marry gay couples had better not be a regular occurrence.


Complaint filed against directors of patients' foundation

A complaint has been filed with the public prosecution department in Den Bosch against two directors of the Osteoporosis Foundation and the Osteoporosis Association who were reportedly declaring "excessively high amounts" in expenses each month.

Suicide, hiding out, or a double life

There are many more male victims of honour-related violence than the few cases that make it into the news would suggest, researchers warn. They will publish a report on the problem this week.

De Telegraaf

Dogs urinate on monument

Relatives of the victims of the fireworks disaster in Enschede are outraged. Dog owners apparently have no qualms about allowing their pets to urinate on the monument and the names engraved on it.

"Let minorities grow maize in empty lots"

Unused grassy areas in disadvantaged neighbourhoods should be converted into allotments with sunflowers, maize or exotic vegetables. The residents of these areas, most of them ethnic minorities, can use their experience with crops familiar to them to earn money from planting and harvesting them. This is a suggestion from urban civil engineer Ton Matton, who is using special climate gauging equipment to investigate what kinds of Mediterranean crops can be grown in the Netherlands.

Het Financieele Dagblad

ABN Amro not to enter talks with trio of banks

ABN Amro is not prepared to open its bookkeeping to Fortis, Royal Bank of Scotland and Banco Santander as it has done to Barclays as part of the merger negotiations. The proposal from the three banks is not concrete enough. An agreement with Barclays is expected in the next few days.

No succession duty on gifts to charity

What to do if there are no heirs? Leave the estate to charity? If a person dies without any heirs or will and testament their entire estate goes directly to the tax authority. People should realise that they can arrange to leave their estate to a charity without paying any succession tax.

Nederlands Dagblad

Afshin Ellian: dear people, I still don't trust you

It is still not all that simple to hold an open and equal debate. This emerged on Saturday at a conference of the ChristenUnie. Theologist Stefan Paas crossed swords with philosopher and law professor Afshin Ellian and Labour PvdA MPPaul Kalma.

De Pers

SP fills its campaign fund

Despite the electoral victory, the Socialist Party SP is not serving on the provincial executive in any of the provinces. But it has been raking in the cash in the meantime; there is no doubt it will be able to stage the largest campaign for the next elections.

For hire: flexible temporary aldermen

There are certainly enough employment agencies, but this one is a bit different. Three former aldermen are starting an agency for interim-aldermen.

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