Morning newspapers - 15 October 2007

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Morning newspapers - 15 October 2007

Morning newspapers - 15 October 2007

October, the 'month of breast cancer', makes young women fearful of the disease, whereas it is mainly women over 50 who are at risk of getting breast cancer. A survey carried out by the Dutch Cancer Society , KWF revealed this, nrc next reports. Since 1992 Pink Ribbon has been organising a worldwide campaign in October focusing on the diagnostic methods and the treatment of breast cancer; the Netherlands has taken part in the campaign since 2002. The campaign shows lots of young women suffering from breast cancer, while 75 percent of the women who get breast cancer are over 50.


Individuals who have a savings account with Postbank are satisfied, but the interest rate is lower than average, the Volkskrant writes. The bank has booked hundreds of millions of profit by systematically lowering the interest rate of various saving accounts during the past few years. Also interest rates of savings accounts which initially yielded high interest rates to attract clients, have been reduced. According to the Consumers’ Association, other banks also use the strategy and the difference in rates is substantial. "Moving to another bank is always profitable," a spokesperson said.


An unexpected overhead view on the front page of the  Volkskrant shows how police chief Bernard Welten talks to the press after the shooting incident at an Amsterdam police station. Most of the Telegraaf’s front page is devoted to the "knife fighter who went off the rails". On previous occasions riots occurred after violent incidents in the Amsterdam city district Slotervaart but this time around that was certainly not the case, Trouw writes, because the "instruments to de-escalate the situation" worked smoothly. The working methods of Marcouch, the chairman of the Amsterdam district and the help of street coaches are effective, Trouw concludes.

Ten Moroccan organisations in the city of Utrecht demand that the ban on unlawful assembly in the Utrecht district of Kanaleneiland be scrapped, the AD reports. The ban would have a stigmatising effect and would draw youths towards crime. Underprivileged Moroccan youths who after the offence cannot pay the fine, will rob someone to get the money to pay the fine.

All new homes should be equipped with sprinkler installations, Caroline van der Wiel, the chairperson of the Netherlands Association for Fire and Disaster Prevention says in the Telegraaf. Do-it-Yourself markets like Praxis and Gamma should have simple Sprinkler sets on sale. These kinds of preventive solutions will enhance safety. "More commitment from citizens can contribute to more fire safety."

Men using the gents toilet at beach pavilion Parnassia in Bloemendaal can watch women putting on their make-up without them being aware of this. The Telegraaf writes that this is a "joke of the architect". The gents and the space where women put on make-up are separated by a one-way mirror. Female guests have indicated that they feel 'very uncomfortable' because of this. "Men can be secretly looking at you with their dicks in their hands," one of the women said. According to the architect, men should also be able to enjoy the view of the dunes while peeing.

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