Morning newspapers – 15 May 2007

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De Telegraaf, Fewer speeding violations

De Telegraaf

Fewer speeding violations

Motorists are being more careful about speed limits. While the number of police checks remains the same, the number of speeding violations fell last year by 30 percent.

Outdoor menu displays banned

The large clean-up action against advertisements on shop fronts is driving businesses to desperation. Business owners are not only being ordered to remove disproportionately large lighting displays, but even illuminated menu displays outside restaurants.

De Volkskrant

State secretary violated labour law

Jan Kees de Jager (Christian democrat CDA), state secretary for Finance, did not observe labour law strictly enough when operating his software business. De Jager, owner and director of Rotterdam software business ISM, opposed the establishment of a works council, signed labour contracts containing illegal terms, prohibited workers from exercising their right to assembly during working hours and regularly paid pension premiums too late.

Waiting lists for youth care grow

Youth welfare is once again in a crisis. After the waiting lists seemed to have been worked away earlier this year, they are now growing so quickly that by the end of the year 5,000 children will have been waiting longer than 9 weeks for suitable help. This emerged from figures from the MO Groep, the employers' organisation for youth welfare institutions.


GPs want to stop spread of unreliable home tests

The national association of physicians (LHV) wants to diminish the allure of home medical tests. Starting next year patients will be able to visit their GP for a general check-up rather than resort to these sometimes unreliable tests.

GGD critical about approach to stomach flu epidemic

The local health authority GGD Groningen has questions about how nursing home De Zonnehof in Haren dealt with the outbreak of the stomach flu epidemic this week. The GGD says that earlier action could have prevented the infection from spreading.


"Doctors made errors in administering Implanon"

Fifteen women who had an implanted contraceptive became pregnant nonetheless. Manufacturer Organon denies its product was to blame.

Het Financieele Dagblad

De Mol joins with Mediaset to buy Endemol

Media tycoon John de Mol is buying back his old production company from Telefónica. He wants to become actively involved in the company once again via an equal partnership with Mediaset and commercial bank Goldman Sachs.

IT revolution in health care will take some time

The current cabinet's plan to introduce electronic patient files by 2009 is all but impossible. The planning for the national rollout of components of the system is also overly optimistic, according to interviews with health care providers.

Nederlands Dagblad

PvdA worked on "left wing bloc" in 2006

The Labour party PvdA tried to make cooperation agreements with the Socialist SP and Green-Left GroenLinks in the run-up to the November 2006 elections.

Dagblad de Limburger

Child often unsafe in car

Almost one in three children sits in the car without a proper child seat.  Parents often have no idea how to safely travel with their children and put the child in the backseat wearing an adult seatbelt when it is too young.

De Pers

Thieme exports animal rights party

The Party for the Animals (De Partij voor de Dieren) is working to set up sister parties in other countries. Party chairperson Marianne Thieme is travelling the world to help animal rights advocates get involved in politics.

NRC Next

Minister scraps plans for cruise missiles

The Netherlands will not be buying any expensive Tomahawk cruise missiles after all. The money that will be saved (EUR 70 million) will be spent on recruiting new defence personnel. Defence Minister Eimert van Middelkoop (ChristenUnie) announced this in Brussels on Monday.

Bos wants more money to go to poor EU states

More money should go to the poorer members in the EU and less to income support for European farmers. Finance Minister Wouter Bos (Labour PvdA) said this on Saturday at the PvdA's "Europe festival" in Amsterdam.

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