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De Telegraaf, Wave of criticism for policy plans

De Telegraaf

Wave of criticism for policy plans

The cabinet has been unpleasantly surprised by the storm of criticism following the presentation of the long-awaited policy programme. Opposition parties, social partners and social organisations have all slammed the details of the plans from the coalition agreement.

Students unwell because of hairspray

Panic broke out at the primary school De Toermalijn in Heesch on Thursday after dozens of students suffered dizziness, nausea and headaches because of a lack of oxygen. 12 children were rushed to hospital.

de Volkskrant

Websites sell illegal medicine

Dutch websites selling medication are breaking the law in supplying certain substances to buyers. The websites are trading without license in drugs that are prohibited in the Netherlands, illegally deliver to abroad, and work with unqualified consultants who could be prosecuted by a disciplinary tribunal.

AMC: gene therapy with humans a success

Researchers at the Academic Medical Centre in Amsterdam have carried out one of the first successful trials with gene therapy for humans.


Feyenoord dismisses bid of 50 million

The management of Feyenoord has rejected a EUR 50 million bid on the club. "We really think that is too little," says interim manager Peter Vogelzang.

NRC Next

Little overtime in the Netherlands

Dutch employees do not work much overtime, according to an international survey. About 95 percent of the Dutch say they do not work any more hours than the number for which they are paid.

Now we know what the government wants

Decency and respectful behaviour should be promoted in society. That is contained in the policy programme the cabinet presented on Thursday. The media will be reined in so as to put up a stop to the corruption of decency in reality programmes and video clips.

De Pers

Second Life is a flop

Linden Labs, the creators of Second Life, have not said much until now. But now for the first time they have published figures on the actual number of active users of their virtual world.

Young perpetrator deserves second chance

Young people who commit a sex offence are branded for life. Experts argue they should be given a second chance. "Some deserve a clean slate."

Financieele Dagblad

Concentration among insurance companies sparks mistrust

The merger between Achmea and Agis will create even further concentration on the health insurance market. The new combination will be the largest in the country and have market share of 50 percent.

Akzo doubles turnover targets for China

Akzo Nobel has stepped up its ambitions in China. It has doubled its target for growth in turnover to USD 2 billion by 2012. The paint and chemicals company is also going to investment more in the emerging economy.

Nederlands Dagblad

Shortage of computer scientists

The shortage of trained computer scientists will lead to disruption in society in the long term. We are becoming more and more dependent on software but the quality of computerisation systems is in danger.

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