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AD/Haagsche Courant, Gluing The Hague’s City Council Together Again

AD/Haagsche Courant

Gluing The Hague’s City Council Together Again

A mediator is going to try to bring The Hague’s city council back together.

The council has fallen after its Labour PvdA, Liberal VVD and Green Left GroenLinks members failed to agree on a transport issue on Tuesday evening. The former education alderman of The Hague, currently working as co-director of the Sardes consultancy bureau, Anke van Kampen (PvdA) will mediate.

Hospital To Tackle Mortality Rate

A Dutch hospital is going to pioneer a new system for preventing patient deaths. An advanced computer system will issue an alarm every time a hospital unit exceeds the average number of deaths, which will allow for an investigation and further preventive steps at that unit.

de Volkskrant

Cabinet of Professors

A highly esteemed group is gathering at the Trêveszaal (“Armistice Hall”) in the Binnenhof on Friday. Besides Ab Klink and the former chairman of the Scientific Council for Government Policy (WRR) Piet Hein Donner, former university professors Ernst Hirsch Ballin, Jacqueline Cramer and Ronald Plasterk are all members of the cabinet now. Jan Peter Balkenende was also a university professor for some time.

Consultant to Goudstikker Heir Feels Cheated

Isaac Lipschits, a distinguished professor from Groningen who was involved in the Goudstikker affair as a consultant, says he feels “cheated” as he did not know of the secret million-euro deal between the heir to Goudstikker’s collection Marei von Saher and her Dutch lawyers.


Balkenende Beheads CDA

Jan Peter Balkenende has beheaded the Christian Democrats (CDA) in the Parliament.
Not only the faction’s top members have been promoted to the cabinet, but also the party’s chairman and its Research Institute director. 

UNICEF: Dutch Children The Happiest

Dutch children are the happiest, according to the new UNICEF report. The Netherlands also scores well when it comes to the well-being of its teenagers, receiving good marks for factors including prosperity, health, education, safety and environment.

De Telegraaf

Free from Tax by Mistake

A 67-year-old taxpayer became a millionaire by mistake when an incorrect amount was ticked in the man’s tax return form, the tax authorities now “owe” him over three million euros. The man will not actually get the money but will not have to pay any tax from now on.

Mortgage Advice Full of Lies

When getting ready to sign a mortgage contract, clients often get incompetent advice from brokers, banks and insurance companies. A good share of real estate agents violate the existing legislation and mislead their clients.

Het Financieele Dagblad

DSM Backs Off in Vitamin Price Fight

Chemical and pharmaceutical group DSM feels it must lower its prices on vitamins. Lower margins would result in a lower operating result this year than in 2006.

Dutch Shareholders’ Association Director Resigns

Peter Paul de Vries, the 39-year-old director of the VEB shareholders association (an independent organisation positioned between investors and listed companies), announced yesterday that he was leaving.

Otto Frank’s Letters in New York

Yivo, an organisation based in New York, gave a presentation of Otto Frank’s letters yesterday. Yivo regards the letters as proof that Anne Frank’s father had indeed planned to emigrate to the USA or Cuba.

Nederlands Dagblad

A Less Liberal Canon

Influential Christian historians have voiced criticism of the recently compiled Dutch Canon (a list of the country’s historical milestones) and suggested an alternative one.

Angry Letter About Hash Cafes

The mayors of the Netherlands’ eighteen border municipalities are greatly concerned about the rather vague statements in the new coalition accord on the steps planned to resolve the problems with drugs in the area.

De Pers

Fewer Divorces Among Homosexuals

Lesbians have a higher divorce rate than gay men. However, divorce rates among same-sex couples can not even be placed in the same category with heterosexual divorce rates, which are much higher.  These figures come from Netherlands Statistics (CBS), six years after same-sex marriage became legal.

Last Warning to Senior Management

FNV and CNV trade union representatives have repeatedly expressed their irritation at the skyrocketing salaries of senior management at stock-exchange-listed companies.

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