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De Telegraaf, Mobiles beacons in emergency

De Telegraaf

Mobiles beacons in emergency

People who call the alarm number 112 from a mobile phone will in future no longer need to inform the operator where they are. Every caller's location will be immediately identified for police and other emergency service personnel. Help will then be able to arrive more quickly.

Bos wants to scrap no-claim bonus

After his success with the general pardon, Labour PvdA leader Wouter Bos wants to quickly place the tax deduction for mortgage interest rate payments up for discussion and abolish the no claim bonus in the healthcare system. He plans to do this without waiting for Cabinet formation talks.

De Volkskrant

New call for nuclear energy

A new cabinet should massively invest in nuclear energy and start storing CO2 in empty gas fields. Investments for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions should be doubled to EUR 2 billion, the Energy Transition Taskforce has urged.

Majority thinks healthcare an expensive burden

Some 70 percent of the population has suffered financially from the new health insurance laws, a survey of about 6,000 people by trade unions CNV, FNV and De Unie has revealed.


'Let asylum seekers free to avoid court cases'

Asylum seekers being detained in immigration cells and whose deportation has been suspended should be immediately released. Otherwise there will be "torrent of legal procedures", Tilburg immigration law academic Anton van Kalmthout said.


Asylums lawyers pounce

Lawyers have announced a mass number of court cases in an attempt to keep as many rejected asylum seekers in the Netherlands as possible. They disagree with the Cabinet that only families with children or "humanitarian cases" can have their deportations suspended. The asylums legal support foundation (Stichting Rechtsbijstand Asiel) has announced it will initiate legal action every time that a deportation is threatened.

Nederlands Dagblad

Verdonk trips over ball gown

The political role of Rita Verdonk appears — temporarily — to be over. Star-like airs had entered her head, people close to Verdonk in recent years have said. Exuberant praise from supporters made her deaf for criticism.

Het Financieele Dagblad

Brussels restrains energy sector policy

The European Commission has recoiled back from tough interventions to make energy markets more competitive. It has dropped plans for the forced splitting of energy companies up into a network and supply company. It has also decided against setting up an EU energy market supervisory authority.

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