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Trouw, Cabinet policy threatens small schools


Cabinet policy threatens small schools

Many small secondary schools are being threatened with closure. This is the result of a measure that is in fact supposed to be promoting small-scale education.

De Telegraaf

Sex scandals swept under the carpet

Investigation and intelligence services have been aware for years of indications that high government figures are reportedly guilty of abusing underage boys. Little has been done with the information however. In one case a secret investigation was carried out and a public prosecutor resigned as a result.

Children on holiday unaccompanied

Secondary school students are going on holiday without their parents more frequently and at a younger age. Especially children of two-earner households go on holiday during the summer without their parents because both are working. These families usually plan a vacation as a family later in the summer.

Het Financieele Dagblad

"Ahold procrastinates on new CEO"

Ahold must give clarification on the succession to CEO Anders Moberg by the end of July, says Alex Otto, director of investments at Delta Lloyd, a large shareholder. Otto says it is understandable that investors are getting impatient. The supervisory board's silence on the topic has led some to speculate that a merger with Delhaize or an American supermarket chain may be in the works.

Amstel shipped to South Africa

The production of Amstel beer has been stopped in South Africa because the contract between Heineken and licensed brewer South Africa Breweries-Miller (SABMiller) was breached earlier this year. Since it does not have an Amstel plant in the country, Heineken has chosen to ship the beer from Europe. Amstel should be available throughout South Africa at the beginning of July.

de Volkskrant

Donors want to know price of blood

The Sanquin Blood Supply Foundation must be more transparent about the commercial price of blood and blood plasma. This demand comes from a group of critical donors. They want to know what happens with the blood they donate freely and how much money is made from it.


Private security on the streets

The use of private security officers to keep Amsterdam youth gangs in line has been a success. The capital therefore wants to install these private security officers in virtually all neighbourhoods to keep nuisance on the streets from rowdy youth to a minimum.

VVD study published today

Leading members of the Liberal VVD damaged the party by making negative statements about Rita Verdonk in public. This one of the conclusions of the report "Towards a new liberal élan" drawn up by an internal VVD committee led by Sybilla Dekker.

Nederlands Dagblad

"Make possession under 16 a crime"

Children under 16 who are caught with a bottle of alcoholic drink could be facing fines in future. Public Health Minister Ab Klink is considering making possession of alcohol a criminal offence for people under the age of 16.

Dagblad De Pers

Randstad government

The members of the Balkenende IV government primarily listen to organisations and citizens from the Randstad area. This emerged from a study by De Pers into all the working visits that were made during the cabinet's first 100 days.

Dagblad De Limburger

Venlo wins the battle for the new Scheuten plant

Glass manufacturer Scheuten's new solar panel plant will not be built in Heerlen, but in Venlo. Scheuten already has a number of plants in Venlo and wants to build this new one in two years' time. The new complex will employ more than 1,000 people in the long term.

Art thieves empty Swolgen church

Art thieves stole 20 historical statues from the Lambertus church in Swolgen on Monday night. Some of the wooden statues are more than 400 years old. Copper candelabras and silver oil lamps were also stolen.

Limburgs Dagblad

Libraries lose members because of internet

Libraries in Limburg are losing more and more members. One reason is the increasing use of internet at home, which leads to fewer people borrowing information and study books. A second reason is that the libraries are slow to respond to the new wishes and needs of the public.

US to open info centre at cemetery

The American Battle Monuments Commission (ABMC) wants to open an information centre at the American cemetery in Margraten. The centre should resemble the one in Colleville-sur-Mer in Normandy. The Americans are reportedly willing to invest USD 25 million in the centre.

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