Morning newspapers – 13 February 2007

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All the morning newspapers reported on the distribution of ministerial positions in the new cabinet.

All the morning newspapers reported on the distribution of ministerial positions in the new cabinet.

AD/Haagsche Courant

Dutch businesses in China victims of fraud

Dozens of Dutch businesses operating in China have become victims of fraud. 56 companies reported to the Dutch Embassy in Beijing last year that they had been cheated out of thousands of euros.

De Volkskrant

Minister Kamp takes steps against sources of alleged torture story

Minister of Defence Henk Kamp filed a claim yesterday against the military staff who had informed De Volkskrant about the alleged use of torture practices by the intelligence service during interrogations in Iraq in 2003.

Ministers stop arguing about silver

Ministers Gerrit Zalm and Maria Van der Hoeven have spent long hours discussing a recent underwater archaeological find, the silver treasures of De Rooswijk ship that sank in 1740. The argument seems to be over, however Minister Van der Hoeven still believes the treasures, discovered one year ago in the British waters and finally brought to the Netherlands, would have been preserved better if left under water.


Government clerks angry

At least 10,000 government clerks will take part in a protest today, not only to demand higher salaries but also to express how humiliated they are by the impersonal approach they face in the ongoing reorganisation process, in which many will be laid off.


Dutch businessman extradited to Finland

A Dutch businessman has been extradited to Finland because he is suspected of having robbed Finnish investors of tens of millions of euro in a business deal involving office complexes in  Zoetermeer and Veldhoven.

Peepshow as art

Peepshow visitors might not know it, but they are actually watching a theatrical performance. At least that is what the court of Amsterdam ruled, obliging a company providing sex services to also pay heavy taxes as a theatre.

Het Financieele Dagblad

Orange for sale

The Dutch part of telephone company Orange is up for sale. France Télécom wants to sell its subsidiary Orange Nederland and has hired the Lazard bank to find a buyer.

Easier money transfer service for migrants

The estimated 200 million migrants across the globe are the target group in a new cooperative project between telecom industry and the financial world. A service to facilitate money transfers made by migrants to their families abroad will be launched.

New pastures

The Christian Union (ChristenUnie) do not want to stay a party for the orthodox Protestants alone. Catholics and evangelists are also welcome.

Plan Colombia is a success

The first phase of the American-Colombian programme to fight drugs called 'Plan Colombia' has been successful, the Colombian Minister of Defence says. He is currently lobbying in Europe and the US to collect money for the second phase.

Nederlands Dagblad

Aldi and KPN to cooperate in GSM service

The German supermarket chain Aldi wants to start its own gsm service in Holland in cooperation with KPN. The telecom company says it is too early to comment on the idea but does not deny that negotiations are going on.

De Pers

Avoiding the toll

TomTom manufacturer is negotiating with the transport authorities on the possibility of introducing a tool to avoid paying tolls on Dutch highways. TomTom wants to design a system to help drivers find their way around paid roads.

Wilders will not compromise

Geert Wilders does not think there is any great chance that an anti-Islamic party will be able to score a majority in the upcoming years, yet he says he is not going to turn milder only to earn more support. He will use the Parliament as a platform to voice his concerns.

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