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de Volkskrant, VVD annoyed at statements from Rutte

de Volkskrant

VVD annoyed at statements from Rutte

Liberal VVD MPs and prominent party members are annoyed at what they regard as an attempt to silence them by faction leader Mark Rutte. They say his action is damaging to the party and think Rutte is undermining his own position.

"Teachers' salaries continue to lag behind"

Teachers' purchasing power continues to deteriorate. The divide between real salaries in education and other sectors is growing. The salaries throughout education lag 9 percentage points behind the average salary increases since 1990.

De Telegraaf

Street lights out more often

The time is past when motorists could find their way home in a sea of light. A majority in Parliament wants to have motorway and street lights lit for fewer hours and installed with energy efficient light bulbs.

Rutte has full support of committee

Rita Verdonk should obey the wishes of Liberal VVD party leader Mark Rutte. Rutte decides the tack the party will take and he deserves full support. There is no room in the VVD for the lurking ambitions of others. The Dekker committee came to these crystal clear recommendations in a report that will be presented on Wednesday.

Het Financieele Dagblad

Market eager for takeover of CorpExpress

The share price of office supply trader Corporate Express rose by 11 percent on Monday. Investors think hedge fund Centaurus may be aiming for a splitting or sale of the company.

World arms sales increased 50 percent since 9/11

The worldwide expenditure on weapons has risen sharply since the attacks on 11 September 2001. In the 2002-2006 period this spending rose by 50 percent, according to Swedish research bureau Sipri in a report published on Monday.


Pressure on VVD faction

Rutte wants to be a powerful leader. But his statement that Liberal VVD members who talk to the media about matters other than their portfolio should "get out" will lead to heated discussion in the faction today.


Hundreds of children in hospital with alcohol poisoning

Paediatricians estimate that 500 children under 16 are treated for alcohol poisoning each year.

Camping in the Netherlands more expensive

Camping in the Netherlands has become significantly more expensive over the past years. A week at a small campground for a family of four, with car and caravan, was about EUR 115 five years ago. Last year the costs increased to EUR 143. That is almost 25 percent more.


What is taking so long with our high speed line? Another HSL route was opened in France this weekend: from Paris to Strasbourg. Other European countries have a number of high speed routes as well. But the Netherlands is lagging behind.

Nederlands Dagblad

Millions wasted on school guidance

Millions of euros are being wasted on guidance for secondary school students with physical or emotional problems. Counsellors who are supposed to be coaching schools in this area are not proving up to scratch.

Walibi to host "light version" of youth day

Want to listen to gospel music while on the Goliath rollercoaster? Walibi World near Biddinghuizen will be hosting the 'World of Joy' event organised by the Evangelical Broadcasting company on 22 September, a spokesperson for the park announced on Monday.

Dagblad De Pers

VVD in total confusion

Mark Rutte's days as VVD leader seem to be numbered. His new attack on Rita Verdonk, a few days after they laid their differences aside, was not well received. The atmosphere has been spoilt for good now.

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