Morning newspapers – 12 February 2007

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Most morning newspapers reported on world champion speed skaters Ireen Wüst and Sven Kramer.

Most morning newspapers reported on world champion speed skaters Ireen Wüst and Sven Kramer.

AD/Haagsche Courant

Boss of One’s Own Plate

Nursing home inhabitants eat better if they are served a second warm meal in the evening. It also helps if they can decide themselves what exactly they are going to have and how it should be prepared, as well as if they are allowed to take their own serving from the pot and enjoy the meal eating together in a cosy atmosphere.

Love to Travel

Two teenagers from Bilthoven and Den Dolder are missing. Their parents think that the lovebirds are in Amsterdam. A search has been launched.

de Volkskrant

Lockefeer made De Volkskrant big, opinionated and modern

“After my first editorial meeting as editor-in-chief at the beginning of 1991, Harry
Lockefeer said – Pieter, from now on you must keep your distance from the staff. That suits your new role better”, Pieter Broertjes, De Volkskrant’s Editor-in-Chief recalls. The newspaper’s former Editor-in-Chief Harry Lockefeer died on Friday afternoon.


ChristenUnie campaigns in CDA territory

During the upcoming elections for the Provincial States, the Christian Union (ChristenUnie) will actively campaign for support from the Catholic voters in the South (Noord-Brabant and Limburg). This will create competition for the Christian Democrats (CDA), which traditionally relies on the Catholic electorate in those areas.

Daf Will Hire One Thousand New Workers

Truck manufacturing company Daf in Eindhoven is doing so well that it has created one to two thousand new jobs. The production of new trucks will be increased considerably in the coming years.

De Telegraaf

Engineering the Cabinet

The Christian Democrats (CDA), Labour Party (PvdA) and Christian Union (CU) are busy dividing up the sixteen minister positions. It looks like the struggle for the important position of the Minister of Social Affairs will end in victory for the CDA.

Schiphol on a mission to the US

Schiphol’s top managers will visit the US to try to persuade the US government into letting go of some of its airport safety regulations. Tax-free shops in Europe are suffering millions of euros in losses due to the strict safety regulations regarding carry-on luggage which are in effect in the US.

Het Financieele Dagblad

No Support for Brussels’ Energy Package

The European Commission is getting little support from the EU member states for its energy package aiming for sustainable energy and more competition on energy markets.

Taste the Difference

The European Parliament will decide this week which drinks may and may not be called “vodka”. Opinions differ across the continent.

Nederlands Dagblad

Shopping Sundays not a success in Almere

“Keeping the shop open on Sundays won’t benefit us,” say shopkeepers in Almere. The centre of Almere has been labelled a “tourist zone” and thus shops may open every Sunday. Most merchants are disappointed with plans to keep shops open on Sundays however.

De Pers

Heavy Fighting in Uruzgan

A Dutch-Afghan unit in Uruzgan killed several “enemy fighters” in heavy fighting. One Afghan soldier was killed and five were wounded.

Attorney: No More Scent Specimens

Attorney Geert-Jan Knoops does not want to employ scent specimens as evidence any more. Almost 2,700 scent tests involving police dogs were discovered to be not valid as the dogs may have been manipulated.

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