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AD, Cabinet wants 500 DNA experts to solve crime


Cabinet wants 500 DNA experts to solve crime

Justice Minister Ernst Hirsch Ballin hopes that hiring 500 forensic experts can help solve 15 percent more crime. The extra detectives will mainly focus on break-ins at homes and businesses.

Consumers did not benefit from fixed energy price

At least 200,000 consumers who have signed "fixed price contracts" with energy suppliers since the beginning of 2006 have presumably paid more now than they would have otherwise.

de Volkskrant

Belgium sends liberal-socialist coalition home

Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt's Liberal-Socialist coalition suffered a major defeat on Sunday. Winner Yves Leterme of the Christian democrats wants to get to work on the new coalition right away.

Betuwe line to open despite uncertainty about safety risks

Queen Beatrix will open the Betuwe line this coming weekend but the mayors of municipalities along the rail line still do not have insight into all the safety risks of the line. A TNO study into the safety risks of the many noise barriers along the line has been delayed and will not be available for another month.

De Telegraaf

Rutte: "enough is enough"

Liberal VVD leader Mark Rutte has finally put his foot down. The liberal leader has had enough of the bickering in his party and is demanding that his rival Rita Verdonk and other faction members concentrate on their own tasks. "Enough is enough. Anyone who cannot put their ego aside in favour of the liberal vision can get out."

Parliament wants Vaastra letter investigated

Parliament has responded with astonishment to new information about the 1999 murder of 16-year-old Marianne Vaatstra. A majority wants a thorough investigation into the anonymous letter which the parents of the girl received about the possible perpetrator. The Telegraaf published the letter on Sunday.

Het Financieele Dagblad

Reform needed at housing corporations

Billions are in danger of being misspent by the housing corporations. The corporations have a virtually bottomless treasury but do not show sufficient social responsibility. Reforms are needed.

Investor seeks funds for largest venture capital fund

The Dutch Prime Technology Ventures (PTV) is setting up a new technology investment fund. The fund is hoping for assets of EUR 150 million. This would make it the largest technology investment fund in the Netherlands.

Nederlands Dagblad

Youth welfare waiting lists kept artificially short

The waiting lists for youth care are being kept artificially short; in reality they are much longer than they appear. Many children are provided the wrong counselling or placed in a residential group unsuited to them because there is no room elsewhere. Various insiders in youth care have confirmed this.

"Dream bigger"

34,000 young people gathered at the Gelredome in Arnhem on Saturday to celebrate "a wonderful party in Jesus' name." Dream bigger was the theme of this year's youth day organised by the Evangelical Broadcasting company. "God's dreams are much greater than ours."

Dagblad De Pers

Military officers carry "death list"

Unbeknownst to politicians in The Hague, Dutch commanders in Uruzgan have a "death list" of high ranking Taliban leaders.


SP leaves the Postbank

The richest party in the Netherlands is changing over to a different bank. The Socialist SP is taking its savings out of the Postbank. SP MP Krista van Velzen said this to Metro. The SP has assets worth millions of euros. Van Velzen says the Postbank invests in dubious companies abroad, including some that make cluster bombs.

Sex scandal shocks Sweden

First the Netherlands and now Sweden has been shocked at a sex scandal in which people were deliberately infected with the HIV virus. A 32-year-old man is suspected of having infected young girls. Two of them have recently tested positive, but the police fear even worse: the HIV-infected man has had sex with at least 130 women and girls.

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