Morning newspapers – 11 July 2007

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De Telegraaf, Cowardly bomb attack by the Taliban

De Telegraaf

Cowardly bomb attack by the Taliban

The cowardly terror attack that the Taliban committed by detonating a car bomb at a busy marketplace in the town of Deh Rawod will not stop the Dutch from continuing to make contact with the local population.

Investigation into Dennis P.'s diamond trading

Dennis P., the biggest diamond thief in Dutch history, is "back in business." The police are suspicious about the small diamond trading operation he has recently set up and has started an investigation.

Het Financieele Dagblad

Invasion of state funds from emerging markets

A reservoir of state funds from emerging markets that exceeds the size of private equity and hedge funds is flooding Western businesses. The lack of transparency and governance of these investments has significant consequences for financial markets and political relations.


Health care workers not screened for criminal record

Doctors, nurses and other health care providers who have been convicted of a sex offence can continue in their profession unhindered. Healthcare institutions often do not ask job applicants to produce a certificate of good behaviour.

Attack has not affected morale

The suicide attack that injured eight Dutch soldiers in Afghanistan on Tuesday will not stop the troops from continuing to seek contact with the local population.

de Volkskrant

No sympathy for activists

"They had become terrorists," an Islamabad resident says about the radical Muslims that were besieged in the Red Mosque on Tuesday.


"Operation Silence" at the Red Mosque started with explosions

Pakistan is preparing for bloody reprisals after the army evacuated the Red Mosque on Tuesday. At least 59 people were killed in the action.

Nederlands Dagblad

Rome says Protestantism is not a "church"

The Vatican issued a document on Tuesday to clear up misunderstandings about the notion of "church" in Roman Catholicism. The text once again confirms that protestant congregations are not "churches" by Rome's definition.

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