Morning newspapers – 1 May 2007

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All the newspapers reported on the Queen's Day celebrations yesterday.

All the newspapers reported on the Queen's Day celebrations yesterday.

De Telegraaf

Investing in life-insurance for the terminally ill

Trade in life insurance for terminally ill Americans has really taken off in the Netherlands. At least 600 Dutch have invested a total of USD 43 million in policies of people who do not have long to live.

"Willem-Alexander ready for the throne"

70 percent of the Dutch think that the queen should hand over her responsibilities to Crown Prince Willem-Alexander within the next three years. The crown prince is fit to be king, says 80 percent of those asked during a survey on Monday.

Het Financieele Dagblad

AFM to give more justification for penalty

Market regulator the Financial Markets Authority (AFM) is going to take action to reduce the number of cases it has lost in court. The AFM is going to devote more attention to "thorough investigations of the facts" and decisions will be explained in greater depth. The AFM will also make changes to the procedure for objecting to its decisions.

Groenink predicts "chaos"

ABN Amro CEO Rijkman Groenink warns the Enterprise Chamber of the court that ABN Amro and its shareholders could suffer financial damage if the court blocks the sale of US subsidiary LaSalle to Bank of America.

NRC Next  

Netherlands must deal with genetically modified maize

Brussels has charged the Netherlands with tracking down a shipment of genetically modified maize which entered Europe via the Rotterdam port. The shipment must ultimately be returned to the US.

Polish workers welcome in Netherlands

Starting today workers from Poland no longer need work permits, but many have been settled in the Netherlands for some time already.


Camp for insecure children

Children who are very insecure can benefit a great deal from a stay at a camp to develop social skills. Research from the University of Amsterdam (UvA) shows that these "Star Camps," which have been offered in the Netherlands for about two years, have a positive effect on insecure children.

De Pers

Van Gaal kissed the wrong frog

David Winner is a famous English football journalist and author of the book Brilliant Orange, which explains why the Dutch are the best footballers, but lose their most important matches.

"Raise drinking age to 18"

The minimum drinking age should be increased from 16 to 18 years, says psychology professor Reinout Wiers, who has conducted a lot of research into alcohol use, in an interview.

Nederlands Dagblad  
Fatal accident after stones thrown at cars

Stones were thrown at three separate cars in Brabant in a short period of time. An elderly woman was killed. Police are investigating the incident and are asking any witnesses to come forward.

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