Morning news 6 September 2007

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Morning news 6 September 2007

Morning news 6 September 2007

Road pricing will be introduced on all motorways at the end of 2010, the AD writes. At the same time road pricing will be introduced for roads situated close to congested roads with lots of traffic jams in an attempt to avoid rat-run traffic. Former director of the Motorists Association (ANWB) Paul Nouwen, who took the initiative for this plan, says he has ‘clear indications’ that Transport Minister Camiel Eurlings wants to adopt this plan. “I assume that he will make the proposals public in December.” Road pricing is to replace road tax and special purchase tax on cars and motor cycles (BPM).

De Volkskrant reports on a slip-up of Transport Minister Eurlings . Eurlings sent a letter to parliament about possible delays in road construction projects following a ruling of the Council of State scrapping the widening of the A4 motorway at Leiden. The tone of Eurling’s  letter is non-committal and promises to provide more information shortly. But shortly before this letter a draft text had been sent to parliament inadvertently stating that the decision of the Council of State will result in substantial delays. A ‘stupid mistake’, according to a spokesperson for the minister but for member of parliament Wijnand Duyvendak this smacks of ‘not properly informing parliament’.

It should sooner be possible to close mosques inciting hatred or allowing criminal activities to take place, than is currently the case. According to De Telegraaf a majority in parliament supports this viewpoint. “On the grounds of ensuring public order a mayor can close cannabis cafés or pubs. This should also apply to the closing of mosques,” MP Halbe Zijlstra (VVD) said. Zijlstra feels that the taboo on closing down places of worship is wrong.

‘You are young, angry and you want to make yourself useful,’ this is the heading of an article in the De Volkskrant about Dutch nationals, who like Tanja Nijmeijer, take part in the armed struggle abroad. Like Herman Scheereboom from Amsterdam, who fought along in the Spanish Civil War seventy years ago. “You know that you are going to a war zone, but you want to help and so you take the risks for granted.” Many of these ‘revolution tourists’ are young and amateurs, according to terrorism expert Edwin Bakker of the Clingendael Institute for Foreign Relations. “They are thrill seekers, looking for their fifteen minutes of fame”

More leaked measures from the Budget Memorandum in De Telegraaf; the subsidies on solar panels for private households are likely to be reintroduced and an extra tax on noisy mopeds and polluting lorries might be levied. According to sources in The Hague, these measures are needed to meet the cabinet objectives to generate 20 percent of the energy from renewable sources by 2020.

There is still hope that star TV presentator Linda de Mol and her partner Sander Vahle will be able to save their relationship, De Telegraaf reports in its gossip section Privé. The couple still loves each other and the split is not definitive. “I want to make up,” Linda said. The stress surrounding the failure of TV 10, the commercial broadcasting channel created by Linda de Mol’s brother John de Mol put a lot of pressure on the relationship, according to De Telegraaf.  De Mol just goes on working regardless, as does her partner Vahle, according to De Mol’s manager.

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