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De Telegraaf, We have had it with the Tour de France

De Telegraaf

We have had it with the Tour de France

The Dutch were bewildered and outraged on learning that Michael Rasmussen, the man set to win this year’s Tour, had been fired on the spot by the sports director of the Rabobank team. The name of the lying Dane was on everybody’s lips yesterday. To many Dutch the incident meant the end of the Tour de France.

Near accident at Tilburg railway station

Tilburg narrowly escaped a disaster when a freight train fully loaded with highly inflammable propylene oxide almost collided with a passenger train at Tilburg West Station. The two trains came to a halt a few meters from each other. The driver of the passenger train had ignored a red signal.


Cyclists of the Rabobank team go on with the Tour in anger and frustration.

At the start of the 17th stage of the Tour de France in Pau the Rabobank team management and cyclists looked completely crushed and defeated.

de Volkskrant

Tour de France facing deep, existential crisis 

The affairs of the past few days have badly affected the Tour’s image. When the Tour marks its centenary in 2013 the Tour will be not be the same Tour anymore.


Walt Disney’s films will be nicotine-free

None of the actors in films produced by Walt Disney will ever smoke a cigarette again. The Netherlands has already deprived cartoon character ‘Kaptein Rob’ of his pipe. 


Fair trade brand Max Havelaar also for energy

Energy might soon have the Max Havelaar fair trade quality label too. Along with Eneco (energy supplier) and development aid organisation Icco, the foundation will look into possibilities of producing ‘green’ energy under clean circumstances. 

‘A woman’s health comes first in faith’

The number of Muslim women who refuse to undergo medical treatment by a male doctor is on the rise, according to Medisch Contact, the professional journal of medical specialists. Hospitals in Utrecht and Rotterdam don’t see this as a problem. “By providing information at an early stage misunderstanding can be avoided”.

Nrc Next

Nonsense! This is the funniest Tour ever.

In a full page death notice printed on the front page of the French daily newspaper France Soir, the paper announced the death of the Tour de France yesterday.

Nederlands Dagblad

A Moroccan with money on him is suspect

The police in Maastricht often detain Moroccans because they regularly turn out to be drug runners.

‘They have a right to stand there’

People protesting abortion practices in the name of Maria. Demonstrators protest outside the abortion clinic every month, something they have been doing for ten years. 

De Pers

Sacking Rasmussen a clever move of sponsor Rabobank

The fact that Rasmussen was kicked out of the Tour could severely affect Rabobank’s publicity campaign. In this Tour, however, nothing is what it seems. "It could even have a very positive effect after all".

Taking Ritalin first step to using drugs

Ritalin helps, but children suffering from ADHD who take this medicine, are liable to start experimenting with drugs and tend to show criminal behaviour more often than their peers. Ritalin, nevertheless, remains a popular medicine in the Netherlands.

Het Financieele Dagblad

EU scraps levy on energy-saving lamps

The EU will scrap the anti-dumping levy it imposes on energy-saving lamps from China in October of this year. A majority of the 27 EU member states feel that this sanction is no longer necessary. It also seem illogical in light of Europe’s ambition to save energy.

Stock markets gripped by fear

For the third day in a row stock exchanges closed lower yesterday. The Dow dropped by 2.3 %. The Nasdaq, the stock market that mainly trades technology stocks lost a little under 2%. Investors took refuge in bonds and debentures.

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