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Released from Libya, bitterness about the Muslim world

The Arab world completely ignored the Bulgarian nurses and Palestinian doctor Ashraf Jumaa El Hagoug when they were held prisoner in Libya for eight years. El Hagoug spoke these reporoachful words on Wednesday when he joined his parents in Bulgaria, a few days after his release.

Vascular surgeon also had bad name in Belgium

Vascular surgeon Eric D. (59),who worked in a clinic in Rotterdam and recently made very grave errors in two operations which ended almost fatally, already had a bad reputation in Belgium where he had worked as a surgeon from the end of the 1980s.

When they threw puke at the cleaning lady that was fun!

This was how 16-year-old Glenn commented on the TV reality soap the Gouden Kooi (Golden Cage) . This week another advertiser withdrew his commercial that is aired around the time that this soap is broadcast. An action group has started a campaign to stop the programme but viewers continue watching it.

Oil, war and corruption

Chad’s president Idriss Déby uses the oil revenues in his country to remain in power. The oil project in Chad, set up with the support of the World Bank, should have helped develop the country. But only the clique around Déby is benefiting from it.

Het Financieele Dagblad

British Candover desperately wants to get their hand on Stork

Risk capatalist Candover wants Stork even if it can take over less than 80 percent of the Stork shares, according to sources in the financial world. Efforts of Icelandic food systems maker Marel to acquire Stork’s Food Systems division are likely to fail.

Higher salaries for ABN top managers

Immediately after the takeover, bank consortium Royal Bank of Scotland, Santander and Fortis want to secure ABN Amro staff in key positions with ‘golden chains’. With extra remuneration the trio wants to prevent a drain of essential know-how when the ANB Amro is split up.

Nederlands Dagblad

‘Accept a male doctor’

Medical specialists will no longer comply with the demand of Muslim women to only be treated by female doctors. Utrecht radiologist Floris Sanders made this statement on behalf of his colleagues.

Row about expanding farm camp site

War has broken out in the camping world. Small farm camp sites want municipalities to grant permission to expand their camp sites to 25 sites. The larger recreational entrepreneurs who are members of the professional organisation Recron are opposing this.

De Telegraaf

TV personality Jos Brink hopes for a miracle

Jos Brink is uncurably ill. Cabaret performer Jos brink who just turned 65 has been diagnosed with intestinal cancer with metastasis to the lungs, lymph glands and his left leg. "I’m not afraid to die," commented Jos Brink, who is remarkably level-headed. "But the news caught me unawares."

Alcohol test at NS

Office staff at Netherlands Railways (NS) is to be checked on the (mis)use of alcohol during work. The NS is going to carry out regular breathalyser tests to find out who is under influence of alcohol at the workplacee.


No benefits for pregnant self-employed women

A judge ruled on Wednesday that pregnant women who are self-employed are not entitled to a maternity benefit. GroenLinks and the PvdA do not accept the ruling.

The court in The Hague argued that the state does not violate international law now that there are no legal grounds for a maternity benefit for self-employed women.

People still want to enjoy the view when racing along the motorway

It is a bit contradictory. You are driving in at 120 kilometre per hour in a polluting car but meanwhile you want to be able to enjoy the beautiful view. Landscape architect David van Zelm van Eldik does however feel that this is not such an odd combination. "The motorway is the most intensely used public space. When converted to time spent it appears that people spend two full weeks on motorways; this is longer than people spend cycling. "

de Volkskrant

Physical abuse in Ermelo home

On behalf of ‘s Heeren Loo in Ermelo, an institute for mentally handicapped people, an external commission will conduct an investigation into allegations of physical abuse of an 19-year-old woman with a slight mental handicap.

The woman went into coma for eight weeks after having been seriously abused by an inmate of the institute.

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