More men unemployed in Netherlands

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Men aged under 45 have been hit the hardest as male-dominated sectors are hit hardest by recession.

THE NETHERLANDS – Unemployment in the Netherlands has risen for the third consecutive month, according to Statistics Netherlands.

Between December 2008 and February 2009, an average of 314,000 people – or 4.1 percent of the labour force – were unemployed.

The figure for the previous period, November 2008 to January 2009, was 3.9 percent.

Not all horror stories
However, a rise in the unemployment figure is usual at this time of year, and seasonal adjustment brings the figure down to 306,000. This means that no more than an additional 3,000 people lost their jobs.

Moreover, there are still 7,000 fewer people unemployed than there were during the same period the year before - unemployment has been falling steadily since 2004.

"It's much better than expected given all the horror stories we've been hearing recently," Statistics Netherlands economist Michiel Vergeer told news agency ANP.

Male-dominated sectors hit hardest by recession
The people who have been leaving the unemployment register over the past year are women.

Unemployment among women is down by 26,000, while number of jobless men rose by 19,000.

Men aged under 45 have been hit the hardest, reflecting the fact that sectors hit hardest by the economic crisis are those that have a predominantly male workforce. Sectors that employ a high proportion of women, such as education and healthcare, have not been affected by the recession.

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