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Research among 50.000 offences show correlation between weather and crime

31 October 2006
AMSTERDAM - There is a clear link between the daily weather and the type of crime that is committed on that day. This becomes clear from research from 50.000 offences on the Internet site The most striking result: the windier it is outside, the more houses are broken into. collects all crime reported by the police force in the Netherlands, and places these on a card. More than 50.000 crimes have recently been compared to daily weather conditions in the Netherlands. After exhaustive analysis, it appears in particular the crime types of ‘burglary’, ‘intoxication’ and ‘assault’ is clearly influenced by the weather.

Robert Jan de Heer, founder of and responsible for the research, observes some striking correlations. “From the analysis it appears that the temperature is related to the number of break ins. As it becomes colder, there are relatively more burglaries taking place.” The difference between the numbers burgled on a warm day (25-29 degrees) and a cold day (0-4 degrees) is almost 50%.

The same comparison can be made for the quantity of wind and rain; if there is on average on a day more wind or rain fall, it is then burgled more (25% more burgled with more wind, 30% more with increased rain).

Assault takes place particularly with warm and sunny weather. The cloudier it is, the less assaults there are in the Netherlands.

Public intoxications take place mostly with cold weather (25% increases over warm weather) and/or with a high atmospheric pressure. Robert Jan de Heer: “In conclusion, what is striking is that the number of accidents increases in the Netherlands by more than 15% if the sun is fully shining.'

Concerning the research, all of the results can be found on:

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