Moped license in the Netherlands: two categories

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The moped license theory and practical are now available in English and divided into two categories: only mobile car or moped and mobile car.

Amsterdam -- The moped (Bromfiets) license is now available in two categories: only mobile car (brommobile) or a moped.

 The moped license, categorised as AM2, enables you to drive a mobile car as well as a moped. This license can be taken on a moped with an automatic or manual transmission and not on a light moped. Should you take the exam on a moped with automatic transmission, then your license will have that restriction.

The second license category, AM4, is taken in a mobile car and restricts you to only driving a mobile car.

Online moped theory training is now available in English

The Dutch moped theory training is now available in the English language with the release of a new online training and testing course in English this month by The International School of Driving (DriveRight).

Although the moped theory exam is only available in Dutch, you can do it in English if you book an individual test with a translator.


Next year moped riders need to take a practical exam

As of 1 January 2010 you will also need to pass a practical exam to ride a moped.
 “In this case the examiner follows you on a moped to observe your driving skills. The CBR announced today (11 June 2009) that you can request to take the practical in English,” says Michael Davidson, founder and director of The Interational School of Driving (DriveRight).
 “Although you may need to wait longer in line to take the test due to limited availability of examiners who are qualified to give the test in the English language.”


Obligatory exchange of current moped certificate for moped license

 If you already have a ‘Bromfiets certificaat’ you need to exchange this at your local town hall (Gemeentehuis) before 1 October 2009 for a Bromfietsrijbewijs (categorie AM).
 “Try to do this well before the deadline to avoid any backlog,” advises Davidson, or “you risk having to take both the theory and practical exam in January.
 The moped license isn’t necessary if you already hold an A (motorbike) or B (motorcar) license.
 Motorbike license testing and training course in English
 As of 1 July, an online training and testing course for motorbike riders will also be available in English, for the first time in the Netherlands, also from The International Driving School.

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