Ministers confirm date for skilled expat permits

24th September 2004, Comments 0 comments

24 September 2004 , AMSTERDAM — The Cabinet confirmed on Friday it will abolish work permits for highly-skilled expats from 1 October this year.

24 September 2004

AMSTERDAM — The Cabinet confirmed on Friday it will abolish work permits for highly-skilled expats from 1 October this year.

From that date, expats who earn a gross wage of EUR 45,000 or more per year will no longer require a work permit in the Netherlands and will be issued with a five-year residence permit.

The income criterion will not apply to foreigners entering into employment as a doctoral student at an educational or research institute or to postgraduates and university teachers under 30 years of age. Knowledge migrants under 30 years of age must earn at least EUR 32,600.

The change is designed to attract higher educated expats or "knowledge migrants" to the Netherlands and stimulate the "knowledge economy". The measure is focused at specialists in ICT, technology and academic research.
And for foreign workers (who are not classified as knowledge migrants), the government intends to establish a joint point of contact. The Immigration and Naturalisation Service IND and the Centre for Work and Income CWI will co-operate when processing work permit applications for foreign workers.

But the cabinet wants to prevent prostitutes from availing of the system, yielding to demands laid down by the Dutch Parliament, the government website said.

As prostitutes moving to the Netherlands could also satisfy the income requirement, they could in principle be classified as skilled migrants. The parliament said this was undesirable as prostitution is not a normal career, despite the fact it is legal.

The cabinet has decided that the present regulations will continue to apply to prostitutes, meaning that they will not come into consideration for the new one permit system.

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