McDonald's says it uses real cheese

29th August 2008, Comments 3 comments

The American fast food chain dismisses claims that it uses fake cheese on its burgers.

29 August 2008

THE NETHERLANDS -- McDonald's has issued a statement saying it uses real cheese in its cheeseburgers in response to a television programme which claims the American fast food chain uses fake cheese.

The programme De Keuringsdienst van Waarde researched on the cheese used in products sold by fast food restaurants, supermarkets and pizzerias in the Netherlands and found 20 to 40 percent of the analysed products to contain cheese made from vegetable oils rather than milk. Real cheese is considerably more expensive.

McDonalds dismissed the television programme, which was broadcast on one of the public Dutch channels, as "misleading". The fast food chain insists it uses only genuine cheddar cheese.

[Radio Netherlands / Expatica]
[Photo credit: Jslander]

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3 Comments To This Article

  • Paula posted:

    on 5th September 2008, 02:42:01 - Reply

    Are they kidding? Maybe it is different in the Netherlands, but while I was living in the US, I learned that the cheese in McDonald's sandwiches is what they call "American cheese," which is not cheese at all but fat with coloring. The consistency is not even of cheese, much less cheddar!
  • Theodore of Australia posted:

    on 4th September 2008, 08:23:56 - Reply

    The Yanks must be stupid even to try something like that. Off all places in the world, the Dutch people are considered experts in cheese, as they have been making cheese of all sorts for centuries.
    An prime example of the famous yanky know-how
  • tony posted:

    on 1st September 2008, 13:09:06 - Reply

    yeah like it only uses 100% beef, that includes fat, bones, brains, the lot, missing out the lean is very sly and underhand, i have not touched any fast food since, also abuse their staff, low wages etc