Lonely commie sees red over election quirk

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9 March 2006, AMSTERDAM — A hardline Dutch communist party has denounced the decision not to allow it to have two council seats in the town of Heiloo.

9 March 2006

AMSTERDAM — A hardline Dutch communist party has denounced the decision not to allow it to have two council seats in the town of Heiloo.

Councillor Willem Gomes, the local leader of the New Communist Party Netherlands (NCPN), received 1,025 of the 11,188 cast in the town in North Holland province during the local elections on Tuesday. 

Technically this is enough to give the NCPN a second seat on the council. The problem is that Gomes was the only candidate on the party's electorate list in the town as he couldn't find anyone else willing to stand with him.

The election law decrees that in the absence of a running mate his surplus votes go to another party. The green-left party GroenLinks received the benefit of the NCPN's unintended gift. GroenLinks won 994 votes in its own right but now has two seats in Heiloo.

This is particularly galling to the NCPN which was formed in 1992 by communists who objected to the decision by the majority of the Communist Party Netherlands (CPN) to merge with other left parties to create GroenLinks. The electorate has been deceived, Gomes said.

The NCPN now has six local councillors in the Netherlands: Gomes in Heiloo, three in
Lemsterland and two in its former stronghold of Reiderland. The communists used to have five seats in Reiderland and were the biggest party on that council from 2002 until Tuesday's election.  

The pro-Castro party opposed the invasion of Iraq and the Nato bombing of Serbia. It claims former Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic is falsely accused of war crimes and the party raised EUR 274,000 for his defence fund.

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