Local election news, 21 February 2006

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Dope smoking and lap dancing for the election

Dope smoking and lap dancing for the election

Maastricht Mayor Gerd Leers enjoys a joint  while discussing whether cannabis should be tolerated or banned; Labour's Lodewijk Asscher and Valerie van der Flier of the Socialist Party visit the capital's Red Light District - Asscher feels the zone needs tighter regulation, Van der Flier's canvas support from the women behind the windows. And Rapper Jawat! explains to the Liberal Party what good corner boys are like. These are some of the segments of MTV Coolpolitics which will run on the music channel from 23 February until the local elections on 7 March. Coolpolitics is an organisation that raises controversial issues and encourages community involvement.

Leefbaar Rotterdam gets a poll boost

Leefbaar Rotterdam has recovered some of the ground lost in earlier opinion poll. The latest survey of voter opinion suggests the party would win 13 seats if the local election was held now. The poll was carried out by TNS NIPO on behalf of Rotterdam City Council. An earlier poll said LR's representation will be cut from 17 seats to nine. That poll found 21 percent of the respondents knew when the election is being held (7 March). Awareness of the date was increased to one in three Rotterdammers.

No election in central Limburg

Due to a major re-division of the local authorities in Midden-Limburg (central Limburg) the local elections have been postponed. The elections will probably be held in November but the date is dependent on the Senate. "A few people have asked why they had not received a voting card," an official in Roermond said. "They will have to be patient".

CDA offers reward to catch saboteur

The local branch of the Christian Democrat Party (CDA) in the Limburg town of Landgraaf has offered a EUR 500 reward for information leading to the arrest of the person or persons responsible for destroying its posters in recent days. None of the other parties have been targeted in this way. The CDA has reported the matter to the police.

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