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Bos won't serve under Balkenende

Bos won't serve under Balkenende

Although they are campaigning for the local elections in the Netherlands next week, party leaders are laying out their stalls for the national poll in a year's time. Wouter Bos, leader of Labour (PvdA) said on television station RTL 4 on Wednesday he intends to be prime minister in 2007. Serving as deputy prime minister under Christian Democrat leader and current Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende had absolutely no appeal for him, Bos said. Earlier in the campaign the Liberal Party (VVD) indicated it would only join a national coalition with the PvdA if the VVD wins more seats.

CDA: training campus for problem youth

The Rotterdam branch of the Christian Democrat Party (CDA) is proposing that 'problem youth' without jobs and without education be placed in a special campus. The campus 'Nieuwe Kans' (new chance) will teach discipline in two years and the participants should be able to get a paid job after graduation, the CDA said. The plan was developed with former prime minister Ruud Lubbers and the head of the youth unemployment task force. The CDA envisages 1,000 young people would be enrolled in the scheme.

Threats stop politician seeking alderman job

Jan Menninga, the leader of the Labour Party (PvdA) in Delfzijl, said he is to file a report with the police after receiving seven threatening phone calls. The threats led to his announcement earlier this week that he will not seek to become an alderman on the executive council in Delfzijl.

Amsterdam pupils back PvdA

Labour (PvdA) is the most popular party among school children in Amsterdam. The party received 53 percent of the votes in the mock election held from 30 January to 17 February for school children aged 12 to 18 in the capital.

New Right posters covered in swastikas

The Nieuw Rechts (New right) party in Rotterdam is replacing several of its posters after they were defaced with swastikas. NR leader Michiel Smit said vandals also wrote in Dutch on the posters that there should be "no extreme-right on the city council" and "against Nazis". The vandals struck in the centre of Rotterdam and the south of the city.

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