Local election news, 2 February 2006

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Who can vote on 7 March, The Netherlands goes to the polls on 7 March to elect city and town councillors. All Dutch residents aged 18 and above can vote.

Who can vote on 7 March

The Netherlands goes to the polls on 7 March to elect city and town councillors.  All Dutch residents aged 18 and above can vote.

Non-Dutch residents are also entitled to vote in municipal elections provided they satisfy a number of requirements. In the first instance, a distinction is made between EU citizens and nationals from non-EU countries.

EU citizens are entitled to vote in municipal elections under the same conditions as Dutch nationals.

Other non-Dutch nationals must be legally resident in the Netherlands for a continuous period of at least five years prior to the election and be in possession of a residence permit.

"Residence under an agreement between an international organisation and the Dutch State concerning the establishment of that organisation in the Netherlands is deemed to constitute possession of such a valid residence permit," the Election Council says.

The right to vote is not, however, granted to non-Dutch nationals who are members of staff of diplomatic and consular missions in the Netherlands, or on their spouses, partners or children if the children form part of the same household.

Candidate list rejected due to traffic jam

The Council of State confirmed the disqualification of the combined list of candidates put forward by three parties in the Dutch town of Margraten for the local elections in March. The Election Council advised the candidates should be banned because the person bringing the list of names to the election office missed the deadline by 13 minutes. The courier was delayed by a traffic jam. Officials accepted the list but a farm worker complained. As a result the Labour Party, the liberal democrat D66 and green-left GroenLinks will not be fielding any candidates in Margraten.

Election pamphlet for the non-literate

The Nijmegen branch of green-left party GroenLinks has published an election pamphlet consisting almost entirely of photographs. The pamphlet is intended for people who cannot read or can scarcely read. It will also be given to people who don't understand Dutch. Some of the pictures list the successes the party feels it has achieved in the last four years and the rest with its plans for the next four years. The local election takes place in the Netherlands on 7 March. All residents, including expats who are registered and have a residence permit, can vote.

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