Little EU support for stricter immigration rules

6th March 2012, Comments 4 comments

Only two other European Union countries support Dutch Immigration Minister Gerd Leers'  proposals for stricter rules on family reunion for immigrants. Three countries reject changes to European immigration law.

The minister had asked all 27 EU countries their views on stricter immigration laws. So far 14 countries have responded. They were given until 1 March to respond, nevertheless Minister Leers expects more reactions to follow.

The minister says he sees differences of opinion on family reunion legislation. Many countries fear that they might not like changes in the rules, because the European Parliament will be involved in any decision-making on the issue. Mr Leers says Germany is also concerned about family reunion, but does not want to see the rules changed.

The Dutch coalition government has promised the Freedom Party, whose support it relies on in parliament, that it will tighten rules on immigration. However, to do so The Hague needs cooperation from other EU countries to change current European legislation. The minister wants to make it more difficult for immigrants with poor prospects to enter the country.  

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  • tazz tassone posted:

    on 14th March 2012, 04:35:00 - Reply

    His/Her name says it all blahblah etc. This type will stand on their humanistic platform to Holland's bitter end. Xenophobic my butt. Any country that has wide open immigration rules is about to be submerged by the 3rd world before 2050. Demographers, not xenophobes have been telling us that for years and showing the statistics that only someone who is either too ignorent to understand or too committed to some ideal that has no basis in reality will refuse to understand. The US has the same problem with 24% and growing population of Hispanics from Mexico who are mostly uneducated, hard working, huge family folks. They are inundating us and we are too stupid to correct the problem ... now. But 2012 is coming and it's our last chance. This is happening with our eyes wide open and our politicians with their pockets wide open too. Dutch people that I know and I'm married to one speak many languages. Better add arabic to the mix. I hear it all the time on street corners now. They who will not learn from history are doomed to repeat it, ad nauseum. Think not? OK, but like I wrote above, learn arabic it will help you to survive the flood.
  • dancenny posted:

    on 7th March 2012, 21:30:44 - Reply

    Well many countries have nit yet responded. So let's wait a bit. Many, many in my home country, France will vote for Le Pen because are fed up.
  • amanda posted:

    on 7th March 2012, 20:21:55 - Reply

    In total agreement with Blahblahblah!
  • Blahblahblah posted:

    on 7th March 2012, 08:01:17 - Reply

    You really have to admit that Leers is too dumb to know when to quit. He's already a shill for Peroxide Boy and dances to whatever tune he thinks will make him happy. The rest of the EU doesn't care about Dutch beefs and peeves about immigration. Out of 26 other countries, two responded positively. That's a whole 7.629%. But Leers just keeps trying.

    I don't know about NL, but most people would call a complete and total failure. Maybe even stop wasting effort on it.

    So the clown has to go and blame the European Parliament's involvement. It's so much easier when you can foist xenophobic-inspired policies by just waving your hand. None of that democratic involvement or debate garbage. Why Dutch politicians have been doing that for years. They're a 'gidsland', and inspiration to.... wait.... nobody.

    A radical who's not followed by anyone is, in a decent country, considered to be a crank, a freak, loon, etc. I think a lot of Dutch people know that; it's a shame that their politicians don't.