Judgment due in Serb leader's contempt trial

21st July 2009, Comments 1 comment

Vojislav Seselj stands accused of the persecution of Croat, Muslim and other non-Serb populations in the period between 1991 and 1994.

The Hague -- The UN's Yugoslav war crimes tribunal will hand down judgment Friday in the contempt trial of Serb leader Vojislav Seselj for allegedly identifying three protected witnesses, the court said Monday.

"Judgment in the present case shall be delivered on Friday, July 24," said a statement by the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) in The Hague.

The ultra-nationalist firebrand politician is already in the ICTY dock for war crimes and crimes against humanity allegedly committed during the Balkan wars in the early 1990s.

That trial, in which he stands accused of the persecution of Croat, Muslim and other non-Serb populations between 1991 and 1994, started in November 2007, with 71 witnesses testifying until it was adjourned indefinitely in February this year because of witness safety concerns.

In January, the tribunal said there was evidence that Seselj, 54, had identified three protected witnesses in a book he authored, and granted a prosecution bid to charge him accordingly.

According to prosecutors, the book contains numerous references to the three, including names, occupations and places of residence.

Seselj was tried for contempt on May 29 and risks up to seven years in jail if found guilty.

From his cell in The Hague, he continues to lead the Serbian Radical Party, the strongest opposition group in parliament in Belgrade.

In September 2008, the tribunal curbed Seselj's communications privileges, saying he may have abused them to intimidate witnesses.


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  • rosy posted:

    on 22nd July 2009, 18:17:37 - Reply

    ecrire que sur les crimes commit par les serbes ne sufut pas , ecrivez aussi des crimes qui ont ete commis par les croite, bosniaque et les schiptars (albanais de cosovo) comme ca la verité et la realité de cete guere civile ne seront pas oculter et les lecteurs n'auront pas le sentiment de l'achernement contre les serbes. L'article dans votre journal ne fait que repeter les mansonges déj