Joran's 'accomplice' reports to public prosecution dept

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The man Joran claimed helped get rid of Natalee's body reports to public prosecution department.

5 February 2008

ORANJESTAD - Daury Rodriguez, the man who Joran van der Sloot claims helped him get rid of Natalee Holloway's body, has made a statement to the public prosecution department in Aruba. His layer Chris Lejuez confirmed this on Monday evening.

At the time of Natalee's disappearance, the end of May 2005, Rodrigues was not on Aruba but working for an employment agency in the Netherlands.

"That is what he has told the justice department and it can be easily verified in a number of ways," Lejuez said. "Even from just looking at his PIN records."

Rodriguez has known Joran since he was a teenager because they played on the same football team in Aruba. When he went to the Netherlands to study and work from 2004 to 2005 the two lost contact.

It was not until the end of 2007 that they met up again because they both play poker and met at casinos. They still chat online. "He wouldn't call himself a friend of Joran's, rather an acquaintance," says Lejuez.

This is the second time the lawyer is representing a client in trouble because of 'one of Joran's lies.' "When the case was just starting I represented two security guards who were in custody for two weeks on the basis of one of Joran's lies. It is a good thing that Daury came to me on time."

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