Jailbroken iPhones in Netherlands are prey to a new worm

24th November 2009, Comments 3 comments

A new virus is redirecting users of jailbroken iPhones that in the Netherlands to a fake ING website which records their login details.

The Netherlands – A new virus, which targets iPhones that have been unlocked illegitimately and used in the Netherlands, has been detected on Monday.

Users of infected iPhones who try to access Dutch bank ING’s website are redirected to a fake site which records their login details.

The computer virus, Worm Duh, was detected by internet provider XS4ALL on Monday. The Dutch bank and its customers have since been notified.

The worm also hunts the phone for the Transaction Authentication numbers, or TAN codes, which are used to make internet banking payments.

The virus is capable of linking phones together to create a ‘botnet’, a network that can be operated externally by a malicious user. The worm also exploits the network protocol SSH, which enables remote access to the phone, if the user has installed it without changing the default password.

The worm only infects iPhones where users have disabled key security features to run applications that are not approved by Apple.

Most iPhones are sold with a SIM lock which restricts the use of the phone to an authorised service provider. Apple also restricts users to about 100,000 programmes they can install on their iPhones. However, iPhones users who unlocked their phones illegitimately are able to get around that.

In the Netherlands, the only authorised service provider who sells iPhones is T-mobile.

Radio Netherlands / Expatica

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  • EditorES posted:

    on 26th November 2009, 11:18:16 - Reply

    Dear readers,

    Thank you for your valuable comments.

    While we are fully aware of the differences of jailbroken and unlocked iPhones, we used the term unlocked in our headline because it is a term that is most easily understood by readers. Jailbroken, on the other hand, is a term that only few know about. We assumed it is clear in the story that it refers to phones that are broken into illegally.

    Donna, I sincerely apologise for the inconvenience the article has caused.

    As such, I have changed the article slightly to make it clearer for our readers.

    Please continue to support us and inform us should we make any mistakes.

    The Expatica Team
  • Donna posted:

    on 25th November 2009, 16:52:53 - Reply

    Your headline should read: "Only *JAILBROKEN* iphones get virus".

    If you don't illegally jailbreak your iphone... you will NEVER get this virus.

    Would you also print a headline that said "Ford Cars Blow Up When Started"?
    (Only to later find out that it's only 1 model... 1 year... and only if the user illegal modified the car himself... and 0.0001% of them?)

    *VERY* misleading info.

    Why do so many of the articles here have VERY misleading headlines... and then buried
    deeply in the text... you'll see that only jailbroken iphones are affected?

    My family and I drove all the way to our nearest Apple dealer to get our phone "fixed" and "protected"... only to find out
    this virus can NEVER affect us at all.
  • Susan posted:

    on 25th November 2009, 16:51:55 - Reply

    These are *NOT* unlocked phones being affected.
    These are *JAILBROKEN* phones.

    Are you new to the Internet????