Identity of all prisoners to be checked

3rd November 2006, Comments 0 comments

Inquiry reveals 'substitute prisoners' are serving sentences for other criminals.

3 November 2006
THE HAGUE – The identity of all 17.000 prisoners in the Netherlands must be established. That was announced by Minister Ernst Hirsch Ballin (Justice) on Friday in response to a random check which revealed that by 7 per cent of the prisoners there is evidence of a person permutation or incorrect data.

Hirsch Ballin called this unacceptable. The Second Chamber of the Parliament called upon him to undertake action on Thursday. Justice is also working towards measures to prevent that someone else is intentionally let to sit out a prison sentence for a condemned person.

This already needs to be examined however by the police force that the correct person has been captured and a second control takes place at the prison gate once again to ensure there has been no substitution for a convict disappearing behind bars. Thereby in the future biometric data such as finger impressions must be used.

The large-scale monitoring of all detainees will take place next year. For Justice some months of preparation time are necessary.

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