"I was deceived," Gbagbo tells ICC

5th December 2011, Comments 0 comments

At the International Criminal Court’s first ever hearing of a former head of state, Ivory Coast’s Laurent Gbagbo today complained to The Hague court that the conditions of his arrest were wrong.

Dressed smartly in a black suit, Gbagbo stood and addressed the packed courtroom for 15 minutes. This is the first time the world has seen the divisive former president since his 11 April 2011 arrest by the victorious forces of his rival, Alassane Outtara.

Gbagbo faces four charges of crimes against humanity, including murder and rape, in the wake of Ivory Coast's disputed presidential elections a year ago. Some 3,000 were killed in violence that followed Mr Gbagbo's refusal to accept defeat in the November 2010 polls. He has denied responsibility for the violence.

No pity He told the court that conditions in ICC detention centre are fine, adding

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