How has life abroad affected your finances and career?

15th May 2009, Comments 0 comments

Help us learn what expats think are the greatest challenges of managing work and personal finances abroad, especially during the recession.

Expatica and Ruigrok / NetPanel are inviting all expats to fill out a survey regarding the finance and labour markets in their current country of residence.

While one can read daily news about how economies around the world are sinking deeper into recession and affecting locals’ lives, information on how expats are coping is harder to come by. A short poll conducted by Expatica shows most expats have been affected by the financial crisis.

This survey hopes to address this through examining how expats have been affected by the global financial crisis, both professionally and financially. In addition, it will look at the differences and challenges foreigners might face in their careers upon moving abroad.

Survey questions include: “Have you changed your spending habits because of the global downturn?”, "To what extent are you positive or negative about your job prospects for the coming year?" and “Can you describe the ways in which working in your profession is different in your country of residence compared to your country of origin?”

The survey will run for two months and the results will be published in July.

Click here to fill out the survey. Survey participants stand to win a USD 25 voucher.

Ruigrok / NetPanel is a market research agency based in Amsterdam.


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