Holleeder’s Lawyer Offended Former Client

26th January 2007, Comments 0 comments

The Dutch bar association has received a complaint against Bram Moszkowicz, Willem Holleeder’s lawyer.

26 January 2007

AMSTERDAM — While defending Willem Holleeder in court, Bram Moszkowicz offended the interests of his other client, real estate magnate Willem Endstra, who was later murdered, NRC reports.

The complaint has allegedly been filed by Haico Endstra, Willem Endstra’s brother. Haico Endstra and his advisor Hans Koets were available for comments yesterday.

The complaint can result in banning Moszkowicz from continuing work on the Holleeder case (further hearings on the case are scheduled for April this year).  Moszkowicz said that he was not aware of the complaint.

According to various sources, the Endstra family had been displeased for a long time by the manner in which Moszkowicz touched the interests of his former client Willem Endstra while defending Holleeder. Freddy Heineken’s former kidnapper is accused of blackmailing a number of parties, including Endstra. Endstra’s testimony serve as proof for this. To protect Holleeder, Moszkowicz had to attack his former client Endstra in his statements.

The current complaint against Moszkowicz alludes to the possibility that he may have passed some sensitive information on Endstra to Holleeder and thus broke the advocate secrets.

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