Holland to remain close to Bulgarians, Romanians

28th November 2008, Comments 10 comments

For the next three years, Bulgarians and Romanians will need to apply for a permit to work in the Netherlands.

28 November 2008

THE HAGUE – Social Affairs Minister Piet Hein Donner has decided that the Dutch borders will remain closed to Bulgarian and Romanian migrant workers for another three years, following urgent appeals from parliament.

Most political parties want to keep Bulgarians and Romanians out of the Netherlands because of the worsening economic conditions and the problems involving the housing of migrant workers and exploitation.

When Bulgaria and Romania joined the EU, member states were given the option of imposing limits on the free movement of workers from these two countries for a three-year period.

The minister would have preferred a shorter period; he points out that eastern European workers are more than welcome in flourishing sectors such as horticulture.

[Radio Netherlands / Expatica]

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  • Nk posted:

    on 29th November 2013, 03:04:30 - Reply

    Hmmm if you all stop complaining and think how many dutch people invade your countries like you invade theirs. I have lived in the netherlands for a very long time. A foreigner myself and i think they are very tolerant and friendly people... so think before you throw your rage on the poor dutchies. And learn to live by the law in other countries [Edited by moderator]
  • Someone from Belgium posted:

    on 6th August 2012, 19:50:01 - Reply

    No wonder that they dont allow all of you complaining people in their country.
    I mean read what you all are typing? you're talking trash and are not polite yourselves. I'm from Belgium and we have a very good connection with the Netherlands. They are only friendly to people who are friendly to them as well. as they should be. You all should be ashamed of yourselves.
  • alexander posted:

    on 2nd May 2012, 23:56:23 - Reply

    its so patetic the dutch sistem on how they try to bend these last two members.they shoud be ashamed of them self and not only...they are afraid that the romanians and bulgarians set them self OUTKIRING wellfare sistem like moust of the imigrants new and old so calld GUEST LIKE TURKIS,MARROCOANS,POLISH and sooo on .OANCE AGAIN IT IS PROVED THAT IPOCRAZY WAS AND IT IS RULLYING HOLLAND GET REAL SLAPAAP GOVERMENT
  • Ildiko posted:

    on 14th December 2011, 18:22:34 - Reply

    Listen Felix and all you with your negative comments.im also romanian,and yes im finding difficult life here in the Netherlands but we try to find our ways around it.The language.....i learned in almost 1 year,the people are not really friendly but they try(sometimes)the weather.you just have to get use with it.So try not to be so negative,if you dont like this decision you dont have to come and live here,everybody is free to make their own decisions!!!!
  • Ana posted:

    on 29th August 2011, 18:46:54 - Reply

    I agree with Dacia Felix. The Netherlands how dutch people like to call it, is a joke. They welcome everybody except romanians and bulgarians. Europe really hates them, and God knows they gave them more than one reason but still, Europe if it beats with the fist in the chest saying that they are for the human rights and all that, THEY SHOULD SHOW IT. They should practice what they preach.It`s sad to see discriminacion, but this is how it is.
  • George Stankov posted:

    on 24th July 2011, 18:01:32 - Reply

    I was invited from very big company UNIS group to working in Netherland as Industrial Electronics Engineer.First intervew the company came to provided with me out of Netherland.I was invited for second one in Netherland and was saccessful for me and when they hurt that I need work permit they refused,even though I warned them before that.They make a fan with me,with my reputation as dual citizen Bulgarian/Canadian and rude broke down my HUMAN RIGHTS,like the European Labour Intermediaries Association who still devided the people on QUALITY,like some manufacturing products.It is came from the country which JUDGING the people from all world.Thank you very much NETHERLAND,I am not interested from you and your HORRORABLE CLIMATE.
  • A Bulgarian living in the Netherlands posted:

    on 3rd June 2011, 13:07:15 - Reply

    Reality check Dacia Felix. Go choke on a potato.
  • Dutchman posted:

    on 22nd August 2009, 21:51:37 - Reply

    The dutch could resist 5 days against the germans, so check your history lessons better.
    In every country there are friendly and unfriendly people, so no reason to say that all dutch are ignorant and unfriendly.
    The language is not broken and twisted english, but dutch, which is a language on its own. Again: check the facts before saying something.
    Most of the dutch (not all of them) are willing to talk english, if they know you do not speak dutch; even though english is not the mother tongue. There are parts of the Netherlands that are not so nice, but to call it a lousy place...There are enough places that are beautiful; I guess you have never been to the frisian islands or the Veluwe area or Limburg, which are nice places. The weather is indeed not great, but that goes for more countries. For Dutch Bulgarian and Romanian is also a difficult language to learn.
  • Gaurav posted:

    on 1st December 2008, 17:59:26 - Reply

    Spot on Dacia Felix. Netherlands is just a joke of a country. They couldn't even resist German invasion for one day during world war-2. The majority of Dutch are too ignorant and unfriendly and have needless pride in their language, which is broken and twisted English spoken only here and some parts of Belgium. It indeed is a lousy place.
  • Dacia Felix posted:

    on 28th November 2008, 19:03:42 - Reply

    The Dutch can keep their restrictions till the of The Last Judgement day; it won't make any difference as the Romanians and Bulgarians are not interested to work over there. And why should they? The weather is awful: cold, damp, grey and windy; the food has no taste, the language is difficult to learn and the people unfriendly.

    Dacia Felix, a Romanian who had enough of the Netherlands in less than three days