Hague council: mosque ban discriminatory

15th April 2011, Comments 7 comments

The Hague council on Thursday rejected a Freedom Party proposal to ban the construction of new mosques in the city.

All parties fiercely rejected the proposal which they branded as discriminatory because the Freedom Party is not opposed to the construction of new places of worship of other religions.

Green Left leader Inge Vianen said “They are guilty of discrimination when they suggest that the council should assist all religious people in finding a suitable place of worship except Muslims.” The Green Left politician added that "the fact that this type of statement is increasingly considered normal, does nothing to change that.”

The local party Islam Democrats said if felt discriminated against and the Hague City Party HSP spoke of a “provocation, pure and simple.”

Alderman Marnix Norder Diversity called the Freedom Party proposal “completely unacceptable.” The Freedom Party proposal was prompted by a letter from the Mayor and aldermen proposing an expansion of the number of places of worship in The Hague in the coming 10 years.

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  • JR Bailey posted:

    on 19th April 2011, 20:11:46 - Reply

    Hey Richie,

    Apparently YOU were never taught to study history IN CONTEXT and certainly not taught 'comparative analysis'.

    Remind me again why the Crusaders encountered the Muslims from Palestine?

    Remind me again why and how Muslims controlled Jerusalem, North Africa, the Iberian Peninsula, Syria, Points East all the way to India, and of course, the Balkans?

    Remind me again will you why the Muslims were in Spain until the 15th century, DESPITE the fact that the European/Spanish effort to oust the Muslim invaders never really stopped in Southern France, Northern Spain...but still took several HUNDRED YEARS to accomplish?

    You're just another Muslim apologist if you're European and if you're Muslim, well, you're just practicing Taqiyya again.

    The bottom line is that nothing in Islam is laudable, honorable, or worth following: this includes the pedophile prophet which started the heinous political machine wrapped in religious clothing called 'Islam'.

    Try reading this to better understand Islam:


  • Richie posted:

    on 19th April 2011, 12:57:07 - Reply

    Hello Cheers.
    I guess you are not fully aware of all the voilence and mayhem the christian belief has on it's hands. Never heard of the CRUSADES?????? GUESS YOU SHOULD READ SOME MORE.
  • JR Bailey posted:

    on 17th April 2011, 21:55:25 - Reply


    Apparently you either don't know what the doctrines of Islam teach, don't care what they teach, or you're a Muslim practicing "taqiyya".

    Masjids (all forms of 'mosque') are places NOT like synagogues, churches, temples, etc.: they are places where the VIOLENT doctrines of Islam are put forth and 'good and faithful' Muslims are taught that murdering their own family members, if a family member 'insults' Islam by doing various things (becoming an Atheist is one such 'death sentence' in Islamic doctrine), then imams in mosques teach Islamic doctrine that DEMANDS the 'offending' individual be MURDERED.

    These are common referred to as 'honor killings'.

    Islamic doctrine teaches that 'good and faithful' Muslims MUST get non-Muslims to convert to Islam, voluntarily if possible, but if they won't convert, then THREATENING their lives and actually MURDERING non-Muslims is TAUGHT in Mosques across the world!

    You really don't have a clue as to what Islam teaches and how Mosques are used: the Green Party and the others promoting the building of mosques are abjectly ignorant and completely brainless.

  • zara posted:

    on 16th April 2011, 12:45:09 - Reply

    Places of worship (regardless ) bring people together and help them unite and help doing good in the communities.

    Places of worship are for God fearing people with faith - who come together for a common purpose - to share and express their faith, their values, their belief - together, to the Almighty - that is it.

    Why poxy politicians feel they have a higher power to come between people and God I will never understand. If there is a shortage of places to worship (for whatever faith) then build it!!

    Screwing peoples taxes on pointless politicians, discussing how we can prevent a particular group in society from worship to God and coming together in their communities is beyond me.

    Divide and conquer methods still thrown into the politic mix on a daily basis, in this modern civilized west?? even today??? tut, tut.....
  • sheriff posted:

    on 15th April 2011, 12:33:30 - Reply

    Why do we need new one when existing churches
  • sheriff posted:

    on 15th April 2011, 12:32:39 - Reply

    Why do we need new one when existing churches
  • woods posted:

    on 15th April 2011, 11:23:52 - Reply

    So how many Christian churches and synagogues are they planning to build? None, I suspect...