Hague, Rotterdam buck falling crime trend

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26 September 2005, AMSTERDAM — Utrecht and Rotterdam share the dubious distinction of being the cities with the highest number of reported crimes.

26 September 2005

AMSTERDAM —  Utrecht and Rotterdam share the dubious distinction of being the cities with the highest number of reported crimes.

In 2000, Utrecht was the "crime city", with over 250 reported offences per every thousand people.

But while crime levels dropped in Utrecht since 2000, Rotterdam and The Hague have emerged as the only two of the 10 biggest cities in the Netherlands to register an increase in crime.

The number of reported crimes in Amsterdam, Groningen, Nijmegen - and even Utrecht - was down in 2004 compared with the last major comparison in 2000, the statistics agency CBS said on Monday.

The highest number of reported crimes was in Utrecht en Rotterdam - 191 per every thousand people in 2004. Amsterdam and Eindhoven came next on 170 per thousand.

Rotterdam recorded 153 crimes per thousand people in 2000. The Hague saw an increase from 130 to 150 per thousand in 2004. 

The figure for the Netherlands as a whole is 100 per thousand, the same as in 2000.

Almost two thirds of the registered crimes related to property offences (theft and burglary). 

Property theft is the most common in Utrecht, even though a drop was recorded over the four years from 2000.

The most vandalism was carried out in Almere, as was the case in 2000, but the number of such offences also increased in Rotterdam, The Hague and Eindhoven. Vandalism rates fell in six other cities but the overall rate for the Netherlands remained stable.

The number of violent crimes across the Netherlands rose in the four years from 2000, with increases in six of the 10 cities studied.

Rotterdam topped the violence stakes with 22 offences per 1,000 residents, nine more than in 2000.

Fewer violent offences were registered by the police in Amsterdam, Utrecht, Groningen and Nijmegen. 

A spokesperson for Rotterdam-Rijnmond police said the increase of the number of violent offences in Rotterdam could be explained by the covenants under which agreements were made to register all forms of threats against officials.

The police have also taken a more pro-active approach to deal with domestic violence.

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